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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good things to come!

I don't know if other people are like this but I can't stand when I make a mistake, and someone decides to belittle me for like an hour about it.

I am human, I am going to make common mistakes but there is a nicer way to go about it. How about saying simply "Hey, just don't do it again. Okay?" 

I think I get it after the first time you said "Wow, you fucked up" I don't need to hear a million variations of that sentence. 

I wonder if these people think we like to be singled out in front of a group of people to glorify the simple mistake we've made. Thanks douche bag, Not only have you made me never want to talk again, but you have also managed to make me want to go die in a hole. 

Some people think if you verbally "Scold" someone, they wont do it again. Maybe this works at home when you are 5 years old but not to a grown ass adult. I'm not some 12 year old idiot village idiot, I can tell when I've made a mistake, You don't need to tell me 400 times over and over with in a 30 minute period and bring it up in every conversation. 



If you are working at a hole in the wall crepe maker, and you haven't gotten a single crepe order right, you are not allowed to throw out "I am going to college to be a phycologist" and think there is some credit to you. 


Not cool, guy who says they will call back but never do.... NOT COOL.

I have gotten the ball rolling for my new project. Its another themed photo shoot I should have done by the end of this month. It is all I ever think about now. I am also going to meet with *blank photography to go over some ideas I have for a website. Emilyisasecret will now take you to my blog and I will have a new website for my photography. People aren't too keen on seeing blow jobs and pictures together. ;-) 

I went to a dinner party last night hosted by Heather Hannon, She is having me be the photographer for her events and some new awesome things in the future that shall not be named yet! 

The party was with all vegan dishes! I almost ate all of the spicy olives... -__-

Heather made a specialty drink with SKYY's new dragon fruit fused vodka

Blake thinks for halloween I should do a "Evil dead" themed shoot... I'm down. 

I have such beautiful friends. 

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