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Monday, August 22, 2011

I mean yeah... I guess...

- I don't know why everyone gets so hyped up on the first day of school. It's just fucking school.

- All weather men do is play with their dicks.They give bull shit readings. Someone asks me "are you worried about the storm?" My answer is always "I don't believe in organized religion"

- I think its important to humor people, even if you have no idea what they are talking about.

- Honesty is important but you don't have to be a dick about it.

Heh Heh... Well played. 

- You may think you know everything but a "Know-it-all" isn't attractive. I get you are good at what you do, I appreciate your opinion but you and I both know that you don't know everything.

- By the same Token, Don't be one of those people that always have a negative opinion about anything/ever thing. For example, My sisters long time boyfriend got home one night after seeing transformers (the first one) when It first came out. He uttered something along the lines of "It wasn't THAT great, I thought it was stupid actually." He's one of those people that have a negative opinion on anything a large group of people like. I looked at him like he was crazy only because when that movie first came out it was one of the coolest movies of the year. They did it right! Megan fox wasn't in the movie the whole time and they got each character right. It is virtually impossible for someone to disagree with this statement.

- We always complain about how movies are so predictable yet we never want the main characters to die. We are always rooting for the good guy to win and the bad guys to die and when it doesn't go as planned, we're pissed.

- There will be people that are better then you are certain things. You may think you aren't good enough for certain reasons but that's what makes an artist an actual artist.
We NEVER settle.

- I think people who put bumper stickers on their cars are just asking for trouble.

- Every old saying is an oxymoron.

- I hate when people take the opportunity to use blank quite space to talk about their problems with out actually stating what the problem really is.
"If its not one thing its the other"
"The grass is always greener on the other side"
"I'm gonna do it, I am going to kill myself"

- I always get weirded out when people go off subject to prove a point. It's like a really loud fart in a quiet room. It does the complete opposite of proving a point at all, it just prolongs your argument/conversation. I was always taught to state an argument and back it up with RELEVANT facts.
For example: "Pie is good warm and cold BECAUSE cold pie is good on a hot day and warm pie is good with ice cream"
That is a good argument because I clearly stated why pie is good warm or cold.
Bad example: "Pie is good warm and cold BECAUSE cold strawberries are good and warm hot pockets are good."
Both are facts but totally irrelevant to the argument. You have just wasted my time. And that makes me angry.

- I don't get why men have to be so indirect about being attracted to a girl. Boasting about all your amazing qualities only makes me think you are full of shit. "I know how to treat a woman, let me tell you...." No. Don't. I'm fine thank you. Also, If you like a girl then fucking get to it. Talking about your qualities isn't going to do anything. Why? Actions speak louder then words. I know I know I talk about playing the game right, and making all the right moves and sometimes things are too quick or too slow but seriously there isn't a thing wrong with say "I'm gonna go ahead and tell you... I kinda like you" Like that you are letting me know you like me.. but you only KINDA like me which makes me wonder why you just don't fully like me.... sounds like a bad thing but... you see what you did there? You made me wonder... girls love that shit.

- One other thing... You know when your girlfriend/girl you like asked "What was the nicest thing you have ever done for a girl?" Your first instinct is "tell her something really fucking amazing... girls love that shit..." STOP YOURSELF RIGHT THERE! YOU ARE SETTING A BAR!!! AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SET THAT BITCH HIGH AT ALL. No one will love you less for saying "flowers" or some mediocre shit... what you will do is make a girl constantly wonder why you aren't writing her name in the sky, or taking her out on picnics. You set a bar with naming the amazing things you've done, and a girl will EXPECT you to go GREATER lengths for her. Sounds fucked up but how would you feel if I told you "I once bought my boyfriend 2 flat screen t.v and an XBOX for Christmas..." If your piece of shit ex girlfriend that cheated on you, didn't blow you or take one for the team got -insert amazing date here- and this is what I get? Sounds a bit ungrateful, I know, and I always tell my female friends this.. not to have high expectations for anything, BUT THIS IS WHAT THEY WILL THINK.. AND THEY WILL WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN THE DICK... It probably just a good Idea to keep quiet or keep it low key like "dinner and a movie" or "flowers."

Why in the fuck? 

- I think in order to have a valid argument towards what music is good or bad YOU MUST LIKE ALL MUSIC.

- If you are on a knifing streak on Black Op's I love you and hate you all at the same time.... fuckers.

- If you like animals and scary movies we can be best friends.

- Okay, small things make me happy. Of course this applies to certain things. Things like people being available at the early hours of the morning. Coffee from clients. People with the same interests. Learning something new in photoshop. Compliments. Getting answers right. You know... stuff like that...

- I don't believe in yelling to win an argument. I am standing right in front of you... I can hear you just fine.

- My attention span last about 2 minutes.

So true. 

- I spend a good majority of my time reading what black people tweet...


DAMNNNNN He has no problem sending the first text.... 

HEH.... yes.


"if smoker to much"

Um... okay. 

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