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Monday, August 15, 2011

I swear if phil collins sings one more time....

- I'm pretty sure no one works in the radio business anymore. The music is on loops and they change it up once a week.

- Just hold on a little longer. It will be over soon.

- Don't get a tattoo if you can't handle the slightest pain.
Why didn't he just punch her in the back of the head?

- There isn't a problem with growing up, or going through phases. There is a problem when you neglect the feelings of those around you because of them.

- Probably a good idea to not have a relationship with someone 2 or more years younger then you.

- Before you head out on a date, make an effort to bring a condom with you. It really fucking sucks getting into the perfect mood and having to stop so we can pick up contraceptives. AND just so you know, that is a dudes job... carry your protection with you.

 how about no.

- I think it is more important to have a professional website then an awesome business card/AD for your services.

- Never... and I mean NEVER assume ANYTHING. All people are good people, despite their outer appearances.

- NEVER I mean NEVER sell your bmw e30 for a Volkswagen. UNLESS it is a GTI.

- I definitely said I wasn't looking for something serious yet here you are talking about how great i would look pregnant with your babies...

- If someone starts a sentence with "This is gonna sound crazy but..." then don't tell me.. I don't want to question wether I should continue talking to you anymore.

- Monthly anniversaries don't count. Stop making a big deal about them. Year anniversaries are something to brag about.

- I don't believe asking for help is wrong. I wish I knew how to ask for it more often.

- Apparently de-friending someone on facebook is the equivalent gesture of "thumbs down" I used to use when I was a kid.

- I love when people act like they are some sort of victim when they are the biggest, shittiest human beings alive.

- I am super big on the phrase "Giving and Taking" You can't expect me to be a friend if you are a giant piece of shit to me. You want me to respect you? You are going to have to respect me first.

- People are just like sugar. A little bit can be delicious but too much can make you sick.

- Never.... never over eat on pizza. You will vomit and it wont be fun.

- The best way to show your appreciation towards a band you love is to utter under your breath loud enough so only the lead singer can hear you "I love you" I did that with dallas green and now look at me... 

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