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Monday, August 1, 2011

- If your telling people you have many years of experience but your work doesn't show anything but how inexperienced you are, you are officially an asshole. I see what you did there, I am able to tell the difference between good work and shitty work. 

- We just hurry up only to wait. 

- Everyone has a weird orgasm face, it's just something you have to accept. 

- I am really tired of all the supernatural tv shows coming out. 

- I never quite understood why woman feel the need to be first at everything. 

- Every girl will tell you "I fucking hate drama" yet when she is around another girl all she does is talk shit. I can't help it, it's like a switch gets turned on as soon as I am around another girl. 

- I love how people conjure up these delusions of grander that somehow involve me having feelings for them even after I have told them repeatedly "I don't have feelings for you"

- In my perfect world, the earth would have a thermostat I could change when ever I felt like it.

- I hate how I am on the verge of reading some one's mind, and all they are thinking is how completely poor I am. 

- Just because I talk about fucking and sucking doesn't mean all I want to do is fuck and suck.

- Never trust the SPCA. They are an assembly line of pet care. 

- When ever I hear a song about some broad fucking some dude over all I can think of is "Fuck, it must suck to be her" 

- Who wakes up and thinks "I'm going to dress like a hooker today. Not only that but I'm going to run errands while looking like I want to get raped." 

- Always be on your toes with people. The people you love most will be the ones to fuck you big time. Actually people in general will fuck you, but you will be most surprised by those you love most doing the back stabbing. 

- I will never understand people that complain about how tight money is yet they wipe their ass with there money.. 


  1. Two thumbs up. Awsome points. Especially the ones about the sluts and gossips and the people you love being the ones with the power to hurt you the most.

  2. Yes, I agree with you Emily that most people who are close friends will end up fucking you like an ass hole.

    But all the same people should enjoy life as it comes and forget to worry so much about tomorrow which may never come.

    That's why I am advocating for going to climax or reach orgasm whenever one makes love or watching anything that arouses them. If animals do it, why not humans? Check this out: http://weirdorgasm.blogspot.com