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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am slowly converting everything I eat to completely organic. I don't have the stomach to be vegetarian or vegan. So I thought I would ask my friend Rachel to do some reviews for me for some oragnic products she likes to help with shopping. 

Eden Organic Dried Cranberries sweetened with apples

These get 5 stars as far as dried cranberries go. I've always wanted to like dried cranberries. After all, I love cranberry scents and cranberry juice and cranberry.. berries? Why should I be denied of loving the dried ones, too? Before we had switched our household to strictly organic foods, I would always invest into them when I saw Ocean Spray's on sale. B1G1? I'll take 4. Those always disappointed me, though. It always tasted like I'd bitten into a portion of dried cranberry syrup. The packages would sit in our pantry forever, begging to be turned into a cranberry bread or pie, but that was all that they'd be decent in. Now, my daughter will not drink cranberry juice but she LOVES the Eden Organic Dried Cranberries. They are not small and wimpy looking, and very filling considering they come in a 4 oz package and are.. well, berries. They have teeny pieces of apple dried into them, which cuts the bitterness down just enough. My 1 year old will beg us to give her these at snack time, and I gladly indulge alongside of her. they do not leave the sticky grossness on your fingers because they have nothing artificial coating them. So good!

Thanks for the input Rachel! Now to get me some of these... 

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