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Monday, September 12, 2011

- I can read between the lines, and I see everything you are trying to do. So doesn't that take the fun out of everything for you? You should stop while your ahead.

- Don't get jealous of things you don't care about. If you are, that means you care.

- Look.. 3 glasses of champagne and blasting champagne showers in a red beemer with the windows down, dancing with my best friend fill my heart with the most greatest joy.

- Fix what needs to be fixed. Don't fuck with shit that isn't broken.

- You have an obligation to defend those that need to be defended no matter what the situation is.

This is funny as fuck I don't care what you think. 

- Every time I tell someone my name they always tell me "I had a best friend named Emily once" really? What happened? That doesn't make me feel good being that I am looking for friends forever type deal.

- I would not hesitate to take a bullet for a stranger. I want to die a hero. #automaticinvitetoheaven

- It is a good quality to know you aren't the best out of everyone. BUT just because of that statement you are automatically upgraded. You are now officially better then most people.

- Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge should know that motels are for hookers and murderers. They are the very foundation for horror movies.

- The most freeing feeling in the world for a woman is when a dude one handily unhooks her bra during a make out session.

- I wish I had the ability to automatically see where someone else is coming from instead of assuming things. I think it is humbling for someone to not jump to conclusions first.

- If you have a long big toe that is always curling over your high heels, then don't wear high heels. You look ridiculous.

- I cant tell the future but I can get a good idea about where things will head depending on a persons personality and lifestyle. You should learn from this. For example if someone has bad money spending habits, chances are they will have money issues later on down the road. You'd think people would know this but you would be surprised

- Please don't type shit "LiKE Dis HoMiE" it fucks with my head as I always use an upward inflexion when I see a capital letter. It never sounds right in my head and you look dumb doing it.

intellectual dog does not like it either. 

- By the same token whats up with people are their locked caps key? I always imagine you are yelling your status updates. You mad bro?

- So you lied not to hurt my feelings but look what happened? my feelings want to hurt you back.

- I tried being someone I wasn't once. I've done it a few times and it never made me happy. I used to be so afraid of what people would think of me, but I wouldn't change a thing about the real me. If you don't like it you can move along.

- When I was a kid my cousin taught me that fighting back can be easily handled with words. Not just any words but completely obscene words that no one can make sense of, with a touch of reverse psychology. Now when people insult me, they don't know what to do with themselves. That's the best way to explain that words will never hurt me.

- Get cape, wear cape, fly.

- I do think that people who are able to create music (whether its somewhat copied/stolen or not) out of thin air are both magicians and true artists. I can think of how I want something to be drawn, I can't draw it though. But I have never once made a melody even with humming. That is true art. despite what others may think.

- I'd like about another 5 grand in photo equipment but I don't think its what you need to make you a better artist. Its what you utilize what you already have to be amazing.

- I have always wanted to get into a fight with someone that left me with a busted bloody lip. I'd have to win though. I don't want to be the pussy walking away with a bloody lip.

- In your life time you will get about 10 paper cuts. I would rather get stabbed.

- There are few things that men should have and woman shouldn't know about. One of these things are chapstick. Always have it, never apply it in public.

- I want to believe in people. I really do, but the logical side of me tells me to stop being such a disney activist. The mushy side of me usually wins though.

- I had someone tell me today they were going to madagascar for vacation. Then a stranger blurted out "OMG THATS REALLY A PLACE?!" what the fuck people? what the entire fuck....

- Using reverse psychology the wrong way can really back fire and completely butt fuck you. Do research first on the proper way to fool someone.

- It never ceases to amaze me how much shit someone will over look when they want something.

- If a girl doesn't reply to your emails chances are she's ignoring you. The wrong thing to do is resend your message a bunch of times "just incase" there was a system malfunction with the last 4 you sent. The even more wrong thing to do is when she still doesnt reply back you tell her how much of a selfish whore she is for not writing back.. You have now been labeled a psycho.

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