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Friday, September 23, 2011

I partially stay away from romance movies because I think they are fake, also because the girl inside of me gets all heart eye'd and dreamy and I want to stab that part of me to death. That sounds bad.... I sound like one of those people that don't believe in love, but the truth is, I believe in it more then anyone Ive ever met.

The thing is, I think people have this skewed view on relationships based off of what happens in movies. People get complacent when they realize they aren't being filmed... they get bored... they settle.

Thats normal.

But love isnt normal.

The endorphins are so strong that they make us temporarily high. You haven't even touched a drug and you already feel like you are floating.

People always say "You're stuck in that honey moon phase" really? says who? and how many phases are in a relationship? Why does this particular one have to end?

If you are happy the way things are in your relationship, then you can move along... but I know you aren't so you can/should stay.

I don't mean that you aren't happy.. You can be happy.. but no one is ever equally happy and isn't that the point of a relationship? for the both of you to be happy? Not for one to be happy and the other to be... satisfied.

Everyone uses love like its just another word. Even I do it, because I do love you. That in it's self sort of down plays the word.

There is a difference from loving someone and being "IN" love with someone. You love your mom, but you are "IN" love with your girlfriend. There really should be a new word to describe it because the word "IN" is just two letters meaning "inside of" that to me is just not enough to describe the many things I am feeling when I am in love.

The word to describe/define love should be at least 20 letters long.

It should have a definition of "I would die for you and die with out you" or "The very air one breaths to survive."

Sounds intense right?

Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy then? Shouldn't it be intense? This crazy... ride that you have never ridden before and its not stopping any time soon.

People define "love" as "to be with someone monogamously" that sounds kind of lame right?... but love doesn't mean "lame" or shouldn't "sound" lame. It should mean "passion" or "intensity"

To sum this whole thing up, I basically think the majority of people down play love with out even knowing that they are due to the fact movies make it out to always be this dreamy, highly unlikely, situation.

But... is it really that unlikely? or are you just lazy?

1 comment:

  1. I think people are just lazy... I'm right there with you on the intensity thing.