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Monday, September 26, 2011

- I will almost always automatically punch someone when they say "Money can't buy happiness" I'm not greedy or anything but money can save me personally from a lot of problems. It can buy most of what makes me happy, and pay for where I need to be to be happy. pshhh... money can't buy happiness... my fucking ass hole.

- I am used to Murphy's law being applied to my life. Before I was born God told me "It's nothing personal... You just have to be strong" bring it on life...

- I really don't believe in organized religion. I do however admire people that wake up early Sunday morning to pray and sing and donate. I personally do that everyday with good deeds.

- Don't fucking hate me because your boyfriend is calling me all the time. It's not my fault he calls me. I just so happen to be a cool person to be around. If you took the time to notice that, you might like me too. Stop being so god damned defensive.

- I hate girls that say shit like "That's why hes MY boyfriend." wow? where did you buy him? where are your owner rights? I didn't know we were still 10 years old fighting over who gets the best barbie.

- The worst thing you can do is give free/discounted services to the wrong people. You will never know who the wrong people are until you actually give them these services and they STILL fuck you in the end. Still, don't let this detour you from being the better person. There are actual people that deserve these services, and once in a while they will come a long and you will regret when you haven't.

- If you ask me to do something for you, I am under the notion that when I need a favor, you will give me that favor because I have helped you. When you DON'T give me that favor, don't embarrass yourself by asking for another when you need it.

- I am trying to be the better person by not being so needy all the time. It's hard for me because I like the attention, but its something I must learn. Thanks though for the text "I am not ignoring you, I miss you"

- I don't hate much, If I do its in small spurts. Its really hard for me to stay angry at someone. mostly because I have the attention span of a goldfish, the other is because it just takes too much effort on my part to hate on you every day.

- You know when you are at work.. and you are trying to explain something to someone and they keep saying "no you're wrong" but when another person comes into the conversation, and this person is a total brown nose and says the same exact thing that you did and they agree with each other... Yeah... fuck that situation.

- "It holds 6 rounds Emily, This is how you load it. It will obliterate anyone with in 10 feet of you" - actual conversation I had with my dad.

- No matter how bad things get I always tell myself "It could be worse" because It could always be worse.

- It will always make me feel all warm inside to see a hot dad with his cute son/daughter.

- I met a lady once that made wigs for dogs #youcanbasicallybeanythingyouwant

- I'm convinced that when something bad happens to me, its payment for something fucked up I did so I spend a good deal of my time wondering what it couldeve been that I did and trying to make sure I never do it again. Next time something shitty happens to you, re-evaluate the situation and ask yourself "is this a repercussion for that shit I did last week?" Your answer will always be "yes" so fix it.

- How about that awkward moment when someone wants to look through your phone and you forgot to delete your naked pictures?

- I want simplicity, comfort and thrill all at once.

- There is a part of me that will always involuntarily try to get the upper hand in a conversation. I just have a lot of questions that need answers

- Most people will settle which is weird since we are always changing. Embrace change, cause its coming soon.

- Always tell the truth. You never know when some one's trying to catch you in a lie and you NEVER want to be caught in a lie, unless you always want to be considered a liar.

- I feel very passionate about certain things because I am convinced my life is one big movie and I want my audience to be entertained.


- I don't want to settle for less, I want things to always be increasingly better.

- Does anyone else get bored of porn? It always the same thing and I get easily turned off by how raunchy it can be sometimes.

- I wouldn't want to date a dude that constantly makes me question myself. Your hot dude but not THAT hot.

- I will always put a sexual connotation on everything that has nothing to do with sex.

this was made for rainy days

- I meant what I said, once you lose your chance to court me, you will never get one again. Not saying we can't be friends, we just wont date.

- My dream home has a large tub, hints of city and colour, starwars owls and warm colors.

- Rain sex was created as another way to clean your soul.

- Why do people have to start something when there is nothing. I witnessed a lady get upset because someones dog sat near her leg. Is your life really that unhappy that you have to get angry over that? Jesus.

This is fucking awesome.. I don't care what anyone says.

- awkward conversation starts when you start telling me how you would fuck me.... When we weren't even talking about us having sex in the first place. I hate when guys do that. Don't tell a girl how you would do something to her, that is bullshit talk 101. "I am so great in bed..." how the fuck would you know? you don't fuck yourself and girls lie all the time so we don't hurt your feelings. #sadbuttrue

- Woman cheat for emotional reasons, men cheat for physical reasons. There is no worse, or better way because both are fucked up. Men will wander and woman will always want more then what they already have. No one is ever happy with what they have, even if its perfect... so it seems.

- If your dream is to move out of state and be somewhere Else then do it. You have one life, and you should be happy. Accomplish what you want, you will regret that you didn't in the future

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