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Monday, September 5, 2011

- I will usually automatically unfriend someone with a band tattoo. This depends though. Lyrics are okay but logos aren't.

- It makes me want to attack people when they say "I cant tell you what I am thinking" You might as well have told me you aren't thinking anything. now you must tell me. If you don't, someones getting punched in the balls.

- I'm pretty good with my mouth I'm not gonna lie (get it? cause I'm good with my mouth)

- People never cease to amaze me. Just when I think someone is a certain way they show me I am wrong.

going to the store. from dlew on Vimeo.
This video made me almost die of laughter

- People always say "I don't do drugs but I drink" and I always look at them like they are idiots. There isn't anything wrong with drinking, but its pretty much in the same category as a drug.

- I always ask myself "what would Han solo do?"

Fairly positive this song was severely influenced by john carpenter's "the thing"

- Sometimes not having sex for a long time can make you a bit delirious. Masturbate to clear your mind.

- Not that this will mean anything but you'd be surprised how much of a good girl I really am.

- I wanna know what goes through peoples heads before they leave their house to go out.

- People who curse you are just jealous. Don't let them get you down, at least don't let them see you are.

- It doesn't matter how big you are, it just matters how large your confidence is.

- Endorphins take about a day to leave your system but they fuck you're shit up!

- I cant take anyone seriously when they tell me they are a good person yet constantly do the wrong thing.

- Sergio says: "well everyone wants something different. Don't be what someones wants. Be what you want to be. Become that, master that, then look for someone who wants what you offer" he is a wise Jedi.

I believe this. Educate yourself in keeping your man.

- Being honest makes you way more interesting then being just like everyone else. Don't be afraid to say what you are thinking. Don't be just like everyone else and lie just to seem interesting! you already are!

-  Speaking about lying. I have a pretty good gauge on who I think will be good in bed, and who wont.. and about 90% of the people that say they are... AREN'T

- People always tell me I have the memory of a goldfish. My first response is "I didn't know you spoke with fish.. I guess I should listen to you more often" my second is "I don't care enough to remember bullshit"

- Everyone wants to be an individual yet they never want to be alone.

- Here is a turn on: Just fucking do it already. You want it? come get it then.. fucking christ. You think moses sat around waiting for the sea to decide and part? FUCK NO! MOSES ANSWERS TO NO ONE! except God.

- Unspoken agreements are the biggest bullshit contract of life. Nobody ever gets that shit right, which is why I lay the law down A.S.A.P

- If one is happy in a relationship, does one not cheat?

- Never... NEVER leave your t.v on MTV before you go to bed, you will wake up brain dead.

Twitter shenanigans

Damn I hate that shit too mainattraAKAtion... -___-

Do I deserve better facebook ad? This dude looks like he will do the job well.. 

really wiz? REALLY? srsly? 

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