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Friday, September 2, 2011

Last night I hung out with fashion stylist Heather Hannon and her lovely PR CindyMazProject also came along to an event called "ultimate girls night out" hosted by Interviewher I was told the event was going to be some what of a networking cocktail party for woman entrapenuars. I was excited to wear my new outfit chosen by Heather herself.

while we are on the subject I want to go ahead a let you ladies know the importance of having a GOOD bra. I have.. a million jobs. My most prominent are my photography and I also work full time as a Vet technician. I wear scrubs a good part of my week and my photography uniform is usually something black depending on the location. I wear sports bras to work because I normally head to the GYM after work and in all honesty they are quite comfortable for my tiny boobs. Heather kept ranting and raving about this place called "intimacy" in aventura mall but I cant ever bring myself to buy myself anything unless I REALLY FUCKING NEED IT. I usually spend my money on new equipment and friends. Of course Heather gets me to go to the store and get fitted which apparently is code word for "buy a bra" I have never seen so much cleavage on my chest. I was giggling and blushing. my confidence shot up a few hundred points. Go to intimacy, get fitted and buy the bra you wont regret it.

So I arrive with my posse looking fabulous with my lady friends. I was a little bit disappointed when I saw men there. I was really hoping this was going to be a real legit networking event for woman. The music was a little too loud to talk at a normal level, so it reminded me of being at a club but the music wasn't bad. The other plus was there were so many god damned beautiful people there! I started to talk to a few people, snapping shots. I got to meet a lot of the sponsors for the event. I met a lot of lovely business owners for jewelry and vintage clothing. It was a nice event I would have liked to have been free lol. I can get into clubs, and not have to pay for my drinks anytime.

The best part was going to soyka with my lovely ladies for some pizza and hummus. I swear it always amazes me how estrogen makes you feel all giggly and connected at the same time. All of a sudden we were talking about our extreme hatred for the insect species and catching up on the latest gossip. I am looking forward to fashions night out with these ladies.

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