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Friday, September 16, 2011

My blog is something I am very passionate about. I love writing, maybe even more then photography, which says a lot because I am also very passionate about my photography. This blog was created solely for the purpose to educate people on things they should know but have forgotten over the course of years. This is an edgy blog and not everyone will agree on what I have to say but the majority will. I am a very intuitive person and I not only learn from my mistakes but I learn from the mistakes of others as well. As a matter of fact the very thing that fuels this blog and my video blogs are other people, NOT MYSELF. I am not perfect, I do make mistakes and I do contribute to the body of this blog but I can assure you my life is not the one who runs it. With that being said I hope we have cleared up any misconceptions that you may think about me, or my family. I talk about sex because whether you like it or not sex is real, its not a mythological creature that hides under your bed and it is not to be feared or unknown. Sex happens. I'm not just talking about the act of doing it, I am talking about attraction, the feeling, and anything that comes with sex. Sex is a foundation to any relationship whether you like to think so or not. I am vulgar and straight forward and maybe that scares you, but I think really what scares you is that I am so right about most things people are so wrong about or afraid to say. I realize that not everyone will like what I say. some people are going to think very low of me but these people are the very people that fuel this blog so in a weird way, I thank you.

I am trying this new thing on not to expect so much from people. We are simple beings and mostly selfish so I don't know why it continues to surprise me how people act sometimes. There are few people I can count on and by few.. I mean 1 or 2. I am trying to let things roll off my shoulders and be a good person despite how disappointing people can be. So as a note to myself (and others) don't sweat the small stuff. People are going to be people and there is no changing that because nobody is perfect. When someone depends on you, then follow through. When you make promises, follow through with them. When someone needs something, you give what you have even if it will leave you broke in the end because even if you don't believe in God, there is karma, a higher "something" if you will, around.. ready to pay it forward when its deserved. So for future reference I will be there at 3am in the morning when you are feeling sad, i purposely put the most annoying ring tone on my phone for that reason only. I will pick you up when you need a ride. I will be there for you because that's how I would want to be treated. I think for this week people should try that, and see what happens.

Also, I am a grown ass woman. I have a vagina. I am old enough for rated R movies and porn. YOU ARE THE ONES THAT NEED TO GROW UP. What type of world are you living in denying sex like its some sort of secret government conspiracy, thou shalt not talk about sex as if it doesnth happen-th. Are you kidding me? You act like its a train wreck, something to look away from, turn your heads, well I have news for you its happening, everywhere... in your bathroom, in your bed... on the floor.. in your public park. Acknowledge it because acting like it doesn't happen wont make it go away. The weird part is the people that are so turned off by this subject are people who actively have sex.

you have sex... but I can't write about it? how ass backwards is that?!

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  1. You are the goddess of words... Preach on! You speak the truth!