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Monday, September 19, 2011

- You know that saying "If it walks like a duck.. and quacks like a duck... it must be a duck" I sure as hell hope so because that would be one fucking weird oxymoronic animal.

- If someone does you a favor, you are obligated to do them one as well. Don't bitch about it either, just do something nice for someone that's done something nice to you.

- I have to wake people up when they start talking in their sleep. It worries me. If I was having a bad dream and someone was laying next to me just watching me struggle, you are an asshole.

- You think you know someone because you have so and so many years with them, but you don't. The only person you can ever be sure about is yourself.

- Take this advice with you: When you have kids, PG-13 movies and any movie on opening night are now off limits to you. You wanna see a movie? it better be a cartoon animated movie that's been in theaters for at least 3 days.

- The only time I want to punch a child is when they are screaming in a theater while I'm trying to enjoy the horror movie I paid 10 dollars to see.

- Also... 10 dollars people... to see a fucking movie. That's 25% of a Disney ticket. re-donk-kulios

- People still pay for text messages?

- That Internet capping bullshit is... bullshit. I don't really use my phone for Internet but I don't feel right about someone trying to strap me down with my usage. You can't wake up one day all of a sudden and decide "You know what? lets charge them for something we originally gave them for free." fuck you phone services... fuck. you.

- Here is something fun. Put the word professional in front of anything. It makes you sound like you know what your talking about. "oh man.. that's a professional blanket right there"

- Just be honest with me. I know when you aren't and when you are and trust me.. you do not want me to catch you when you aren't.

- If you spend the majority of your time worrying in a relationship, then it is no longer a healthy relationship.

- Whether we refuse to admit this... our mind has a deadline for certain people...and when the deadline is more than past due, we can choose between restarting the time or let time be wasted. Either way, time has run out - Zee

- You can't force feelings. You can't tell someone "If you just give it time it will work" No.. it wont.. because time doesn't make feelings magically appear. They are either there, or they are not.

- I don't find trouble... trouble finds me. You think I want to have the things that happen to me on a daily basis?

- You when someone asks "what's the matter?" I don't know... I didn't have any matter.

- I hope these "things you should know" blogs bring you a slight bit of joy on your so every shitty Monday's. What gives Monday? Why you have to be so shitty?


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