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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

*blows dust off of this header*

Man its been a while since I've done one of these but this is much deserved. I have a few hair dresser buddies. They are always the cool crowd I want to hang out with but I'm always afraid they will think I'm hanging around cause I want them to do my hair. Obviously I am close with some, because well, look at how awesome my fucking hair is.

Last time I was in a salon I asked some people if they wouldn't mind writing down a list of things that bother them about their clients because when I get my hair cut, the one thought going through my head believe it or not isn't "god I hope this gets cut right" (probably because I trust who ever cuts my hair with my life) but its "God I hope I'm a cool enough person for this hair dresser"

I am weird.

So! Here are some dos and don'ts for clients at the salon.

- Do show up for your appointment. By show up I mean at least 5 minutes before your appointment. NOT 5 minutes late or not at all.

- Do call if you are going to be late. Even if you are going to be a minute late, JUST CALL. I have more then one client usually and when I am busy things get crazy. Believe it or not a minute is like an hour to some people. Sometimes hair stylists can have up to 5 clients in a sitting. That means someone in color, someone for a trim, someone being blow dried, someone getting there hair washed, trust me... the minutes count. The even more fucked up part about this is that people don't think it matters, but think about it.. if at least 2 of my clients show up 10 minutes late, I have to work through that. I can not keep track of the amount of times I have had to skip out on my own lunch to keep up with late clients. Working on an empty stomach is not fun. 

- Don't school me on cutting/washing hair. I went to school for this, not you, and if you did, you are still coming to me for a hair cut, which means this is alllll me... not you.

- Don't be a "whatever" client. If you are coming to salon for a haircut at least give me some ideas on what you would like because if it were up to me I would give you a Mohawk or shave your head.

- Don't come to the salon with dirty hair. I get it... You are going to get your hair washed anyways and 2-3 day old hair is totally fine but not a months worth. I have seen what looks like cottage cheese on peoples heads from not washing and that is not fun!

- Do talk. I like conversing with people.

- Don't talk too much. Sometimes I don't want to know about everything that's going on in your life. We just met. Enjoy your "you" time.

- Don't reschedule more then once in one day.

- Don't call for an appointment until you are positive with a date and time in mind.

- Don't treat your hair at home. I get that everyone is on a budget but I cannot keep track of the amount of times someone has come to me with black hair and decided they don't like it anymore and now want their blonde hair back.. It doesn't work that way. Had you asked me my opinion in the beginning I would've told you its going to be a bad idea and we couldeve avoided this. At home color brands like loreal and Revlon use cheap or poor quality chemicals and hi levels of ammonia and metallic salts. Its really bad for your health and much harder to get out

- Do brush your teeth before coming in. I have to cut bangs to complete some cuts. So I am very close to your face sometimes and HOLY SHIT some people need toothpaste more then a damn haircut.

- Tipping. I appreciate anything. I really do, and I feel bad about even bringing this up but to under tip me when I know damn well you just bought that prada bag and you are wearing valentino shoes is nothing but a spit to the face. This is my job. I love doing this and I come back for that reason only. Not because of tips, but tips are like a kind gesture that I did my job right. Anything less then 5 dollars is a joke. Even at my current salon people leave $2-3 for services. The most basic service is a blow dry, it costs between $35-45, it takes about 30-45 min to do one, that's roughly $1 per min and you have to remember you're using water, shampoo, conditioner, styling products and electricity and then usually that money is split any where between 40-50% between the salon and the stylist. 15% of $35 is $5.25 do you really think that $3 is enough?? Then there are the ones who tip $20-60 or more, we love that!!! it almost makes up for the bad tippers

- I hate cry babies. You asked for that hair cut and now you don't like it. Well guess what!? HAIR GROSS BACK

- Do get your attitude in check. You are getting your hair done. This is YOU time. How can someone possibly be mad about that

- Don't fall asleep. YES PEOPLE DO THAT! I know it feels good but its just awkward.

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