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Monday, October 3, 2011

- If your plan for the future doesn't work out when you set your deadline, it is time for a new plan.

- Bee's are the perfect terrorist..

"The worker bee has a barbed stinger that results in her death following stinging, therefore, she can only sting once."

- Question: Why is it Spanish people feel the need to speak at a higher tone then regular people? I can't considerate yelling but I feel like I want to. Take it down a notch, your giving me a head ache. 

- I think too many people know that crying gets you what you want. That saying "you're not gonna get anywhere by crying about it" is bullshit, you sit a human being in front of yourself and they start crying, you will automatically feel the need to help them. The point I'm trying to make is not to cry about everything, but to think twice about helping someone that's crying about some bullshit. 

- I do, in fact, think that a products price does reflect the quality. I know that there are some things made in this world that can be bought at a reasonable price and work just as good if not better then something more expensive. I do also believe that unicorns exist and animals are trying to talk.

 I'm kidding but the MAJORITY of items that are listed at a higher price, are more likely to be better quality then those that are not. I do also think that certain brands are more dependable then those that aren't known well. With that being said I am more likely to spend more on something because I know the quality is probably better then that of the same item made by "noname" at a lower price. My point is, stop being such a cheap fuck. If you are going to be a cheap fuck, you are not allowed to complain about it later. Why? Because you are a dumb fuck for being a cheap fuck. 

- Statistically speaking, How many more bad things happen on a Monday then any other day during the week? 

- I/You will spend the rest of your life trying to beat procrastination. It is fucking kryptonite. 

- If I say "I support YOUR cause" that doesn't mean its MY cause, it just means I'm supporting it. I can support a christian clothing line and curse like a sailor. It's possible because I am doing it.

Anon: "Really?! You believe in God?! Your like the worst christian I know!"
Me: "You must not know a lot of christians."

- If you are constantly spilling your guts to strangers, you are going to get very uninteresting very fast. You take all the fun out of getting to know you.

- Out of all the people I have ever met in my entire life, about 95% of them know not a single thing about me. I did this as a test to see if people were actually interested in getting to know people in their life. Turns out, they're not. They just want to talk about themselves. 

- You know that awkward moment when you find out you have an STD and you have to tell your partner obviously because they are the only one you have been with sexually and they have the nerve to say "Well, I guess it was me"

YOU FUCKING GUESS? does my vagina look like an open door to you!? I FUCKING GUESS ILL CHOP OFF YOUR DICK NEXT TIME IT SAYS HELLO. 

- I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE DRUNK DIAL ME! If it wasn't for the fact I have strange people lurking this page I would put my number on blast. Those phone calls make my entire week. 

- What the fuck is up with everyone using "cray cray" its way too long to be a better word to use then "crazy" itself. STOPIT

- Besides being woken up a million times when I am so tired, there is another thing that makes me angry... When I forget that school is out for some Jewish holiday I don't celebrate and there is no traffic and I get to work like an hour early. I have to sit at work dreaming about being back in bed.

- Everyone always says "hard work pays off" this must be why I'm not rich yet. 

- Someone told me once "The key to success is hard work, and not just hard work, but working your ass off. Working your ass off so much that you don't get any sleep" I turned around and said "Fuck that noise" 

- Life lesson #21: NEVER move to a different state for someone you barely know. You never know if they are married or a cheater or a lying sack of shit or a user or something... bad. 

- I think the mind is an amazing place. You can force yourself to forget things yet you allow yourself to remember some bad things. Till this day my brother has not a clue of the things that happened in our past, but I choose to remember. 

- If a girl says "I don't kiss on the first date" then she's not interested. 

- People will NEVER remember the good things you have done for them. It takes ONE fucked up accident for them to kiss your ass goodbye and never let you hear the end of it. Just remember that. 

- You can't keep blaming people for all your misfortunes. Suck it up bitch.  

- Does anyone else tell their food "GOD IM GONNA EAT YOU SO GOOD!" ?

- NEVER tell a girl "Okay, I'm gonna go masturbate to the thought of you"

First off, Wow... just wow... Were friends but... were not "friends friends"
Secondly, This takes all the fun out of me wondering what you are doing...

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