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Friday, October 28, 2011

Im getting tired of your attitude.

Am I really the only one that sees marriage as a life long happy commitment. Cut the trials and tribulations bullshit if you got that crap going on in your marriage in the beginning then you got married too soon, or you just plain married the wrong person. What do I have to do now put you on some pedestal because you are married? I have more cents at the bottom of my purse then the sense you have in your brain, and trust me... its not alot.

Marriage isn't just another step people that you take because well quite frankly there is nothing else to do and well.. why the fuck not..

No dickholes... its a commitment you make to someone you can spend the rest of your life with. THE REST... OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE.

Am I the only one that gets pissed off at people that blast their marital/relationship problems all over the Internet? Like what the fuck are you doing? is facebook or twitter your consultant for everything? ITS A FUCKING APPLICATION NOT A COUNSELOR.

I had someone ask me today "Why don't you think he will want to marry someone" in reference to a family member.. my answer is "why not" marriage is nothing but a piece of paper, no one binds you together via words what are you fucking stupid? Either you have the love or not and that's what binds you. Not a fucking priest... Not a Rabi... Not a fucking pastor. You want Gods blessing? then pray about it.. don't spend over 10,000 dollars feeding people who careless about you and are probably thinking this is the worst decision you've ever made.

i get pissed when people talk shit about their relationships publicly that's the most childish shit anyone can do and well honestly, if you don't like it then fucking walk. Get the fuck out you fucking dumbass, what are you waiting for? a sign?

Another thing that pisses me off is when people are constantly judging other couples based off of how great theirs is WHEN THEIRS ISN'T THAT GREAT TO BEGIN WITH. I have a friend, who is on and off with his girlfriend.. they are/were? pretty serious... he posts status updates all the time about how hes so lucky... but this chick cheated on him like a million times... "I am better than you because my girlfriend is awesome" Um.... Are you fucking stupid? Your girlfriend used you as a fucking door mat...


THEN! those people that are the actual cheaters justifying their cheating because the person they cheated on is weirdly enough doing so well with out them.. You know, not begging for them back like any smart person would. "Well yeah, I don't need you! That's why I'm glad we broke up" Yeah? Your glad you fucked someone else while you told this other person how In love you were with them?

MEGA DICK? check.

You aren't fooling anyone with those happy status updates, as a matter of fact when you boast about your relationship on the Internet its almost like you are trying to cover something up. You can fool half of facebook but you can't fool me asshole. I also want to stab you when you talk about how shitty things are for you with out actually posting what the shitty part really is... shit like:

"I can't take any of this heart break"

what heart break? why? who? when? I mean now I'm just curious, I could careless about what you are sad about but I just have to know whats going on. Can't you just stop dickin me around and write a real status update? I mean at least you are being honest.

The other side of this is I could always turn my head... you know... look away... not say anything but MAYBE its because people just don't know any better... and well this is a blog about things you should know....

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