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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Labyrinth Inspired photo shoot

I have pretty much loved this movie ever since I was a child. On my last movie shoot for the notebook, Janell who plays "Sarah" in this shoot, was there and all I could think was "Man, this girl looks just like Sarah from the Labyrinth." I was so happy to know that she was willing to play the part in this shoot. Aaron was a trooper! He plays the goblin king who is initially played by david bowie in the movie, at a moments notice he was in a strangers back yard/house and letting people put make up and tights on him. Thanks so much guys! 

I just want to let everyone know all the make up was done by Selena Motives. Decorations/set up was done by Anna Schinella. Costumes/Hair/Photographs are done by yours truly here at Emilyisasecret. Also, If you could please tell your family and friends to visit this post, link it on all of your social networking sites please! 

Here are all of my favorite pictures from the Labyrinth inspired shoot. I don't normally mess with the colors much in my photos but being that this is supposed to look dreamy/hallucinogenic I added a blue tinge.  

I really loved this photo...

1 comment:

  1. This looks amazing!! I'm so sad I couldn't make it :(
    Kyle and I will for sure make it to the next one of we're not out of town. . . Again. :0 :)