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Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh hey..

Yeah It's me again.. another ranting blog about bullshit you should know but you fucking don't because your too fucking brainless..

Oh? am i being a little harsh?

okay here is what you need to know...

If someone clearly is not answering your phone calls or texts or messages or whateverthefuck then guess what that means?

It means they no longer want to talk to you... 

This has to be a hard way to find out that someone doesnt want anything to do with you anymore

look at it this way.. its just one person right? so big deal if they don't want you around.. you're fucking better than that... 

and do you really want to stick around someone that doesn't want to be around you anymore? 

probably not, unless you are a sick sadistic fuck that likes to feel... unwanted? 

I don't know why exactly someone doesn't need you around anymore. Maybe they just are going through some shit... maybe you are just boring... maybe I don't care. 

I just want you to stop trying if the other person isn't anymore.

Texting me at 4 in the morning is not going to make me want to hang out.
Its not going to make me want to be friends
It's not going to make me invite you over..

so lets call it quits. 
and you can just fuck off... 

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