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Monday, November 21, 2011


- I think I know why Mondays are so shitty.. I have come to the conclusion everyone waits till Monday to get shit done instead of doing it over the weekend.

- Try not to over think things. I know its hard but trust me, its probably not worth it.

- I think everyone should try and embrace whats coming to them instead of being afraid or skeptical. Its something that is difficult to do because no body wants to get hurt, but then again, no one wants the feeling of regret or "what if?"

- sometimes I worry too much to the point I make myself sick. I hate that about myself.

- I think a lot of people think they can answer a lot of questions themselves or that waiting out a situation will solve a problem but when it doesn't work out, you kind of explode. To avoid this, if you have something you need to tell me, just ask. I don't get offended.

- You meet a nice dude.. the type of dude that is the right dude then the wrong thing to do would be to date a bunch of douche bags on the side. That shit is NOT cool bro so... stop it. If you do,  I never want to hear from your mouth "How come dudes are such assholes" ever again. 

- Also, if you are the type of person that says "all you have to do is ask" or "no question is a dumb question" but then when someone actually asks something that may seem dumb you turn around and point fun at them or make them feel like an idiot for not knowing you can officially go fuck yourself.

- It will always be that penis is beautiful and vagina is gross...

- If you are a male model, and you for some reason want tastefully done nudes, the one thing NOT to do would be to send nudes of yourself like the greased up deaf guy on family guy. I wanted so badly to post the pictures I got but honestly they are so gross I'd rather spare you the grief and that says a lot considering I don't spare you of much grief when it comes to this blog.

- One day... one day dude... I'm going to make you feel so shitty for being such a fucking asshole. Then we will see who's laughing. I hate people that will laugh at your misfortunes to your face when these people are people you HAVE to help on a daily basis.

- To those of you who clearly don't know what a prostitute is (or a professional whore, that one is my favorite by far!) a prostitute is someone who sells sexual favors for money or for trade. CLEARLY I don't do that or I would be one wealthy mother fucker.

"About once a month I will feel like the most pathetic person on the planet"
"Is this what they call PMS?"
"......... I think so........"

- I wish I could thank her on here but I'm so against using names on my personal blog. There is one person that comes to where I work every Monday that always makes my day so much better. I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind each and every Monday.

- No... I wont have sex with you so please stop calling me at 4 in the morning. 

- You tell someone you are going to go with them somewhere you should probably follow through with that idea. I get accidents happen and things come up but don't be the asshole that doesn't call or text that you aren't going to make it.

So this happened... Which automatically makes me miss playing drums...

- When someone says "I know your smart... so why cant you get this?" it sounds a lot like "How come your so fucking stupid" so stop trying to cover your asshole comment with a compliment. that's like saying "Hey you'd be pretty hot to a horse..."

- Oh shit... Fat day is this Thursday....Which means Christmas is around the corner...

- You know how every personal phone number now comes with an area code in the begginging making someones phone number 10 numbers long? I mean that's a given right? so its safe to say that if phone number: 000-0000 is definitely going to have an area code in the beginning. I'm just saying this because a dude asked me why we didn't have the area code in front of our number, how that could be "confusing"... to which I replied "its only confusing to dumb people..."

- Today's word is brought to you by the letter F... for the word FUCK...

- There are two types of old people. Nice old people... and mean old people... Mean old people are never happy, they are like the human version of snow whites dwarf "grumpy" and are never pleasant

- If I need an answer, then I will do almost anything to find it.

- You should always trust your gut feeling. Believe in yourself.

My cat does this to beards... He is very beard envious

- I just want to clear this up. If you did something fucked up, to a friend or family member, and you are lying your way around the truth just because you don't want to hurt their feelings... you can bet that the truth will eventually come out.. and when it does.. you will be dubbed the biggest piece of shit on the planet for lying straight to my face.. So just be a fucking man, and let me know whats up.. or else someone is getting a punch in the dick...

- Don't text me one words that are dragged for no reason like "HEEYYYYYYY" or "TOOOOOOTTALLLLLYYYYY DUUUUUDDEEE FOOOOORRR REAAALLLLL" I get once or twice but not every fucking text message.. What are you? stupid? 

- In case you didn't know, All ex boyfriends and girlfriends are off limits to friends/family/ acquaintances... This is a surefire way to fuck your friendship in the ass, and a definite way to let someone know you are a fucking moron. 

- If a dude is talking to you about how stupid girls are... don't be a fucking girl and say "what about me?" or "I'm not that way" EVERY GIRL SAYS THAT SHIT. Of course your not, cause a smart dude wouldn't waste his time talking to a stupid girl.

- Here is the sad thing, about 95% of woman have not been taken on a legit fancy date. I mean a fancy date where the girl needs to wear a dress, and dude needs to wear business attire. I'm talking about the restaurant is a nice restaurant and dude needs to pay for dinner.

- Dudes stick around with shitty hot girls because its a lot like the sports car complex. A sports car is so uneconomical, its a gas guzzler, and it only fits 2 people and its an uncomfortable ride. Where as a more economical car that's at a more decent price is more likely affordable to maintain, and a more comfortable ride, yet you still lust after the sports car.

- When ever I feel a red flag, I almost always get the feeling of wanting to vomit and run very far away but then the feeling of "what if I'm totally wrong about this" over comes me...

- People say "I hate drama"... those people are the epitome of fucking drama... 

Every single time I come near an automatic sliding door....

- I have to ask myself a lot which sex I don't trust the most... Its hard because both sexes have their shitty qualities.. but If I had to pick... I would probably pick girls.. I say this because girls always have an alternative motive for everything, selfishly. Men do shit because they are stupid... Woman do things to actually hurt someone else. That shit is fucked up.

This is so relevant

- I have shot milk out of my nose only once...

- You should always be there for the people you consider to be close to you.

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