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Monday, December 5, 2011

Howls moving castle...

 - I am thankful for having a poorly running car, at least it runs.

- You can never be too tired to touch yourself. If you want it.. you should have it.

- I hate when I see talented people beat themselves up over something personal going on in their lives.

- I loath traffic. I like driving.. but I hate being late to anything.

-You have the ability to be anything you want to be. You want to be sexy, you can be sexy. You want to be the worlds greatest mime, you can do that. The accomplishments are limitless and there is absolutely no boundary that can hold you back. I just want you to know that.

- Someone told me the other day I was more independent than most girls due to the fact I have never had an abortion. I thought this to be a weird observation. Now you can tell when a girl is independent due to the amount of mistakes shes made. 

- On a side note, How many abortions does it take for someone to finally understand that condoms and birth control are more effective then a hospitals vacuum? I mean seriously... condoms are like 6 bucks? birth control is free now... THERE IS NO EXCUSE!

- There is something wrong with you if your response back to someone who's pet just died is "Its the circle of life" That's the equivalent to "Suck it up bitch..."

- I still never understand why people continue emotionally/physically abusive relationships. I just assume that these are the type of people that secretly enjoy feeling like a piece of shit.. and I with that being said.. I shall not waste any sympathy on you.

- I think that America needs to be a little bit more selfish. Sure there are starving children in Africa and many families were demolished with that tsunami in japan, but Katrina ass fucked Louisiana. That flood raped Nashville Tennessee and there are thousands of families here that don't know how they will get through the week with out food and shelter. How are all of these organizations funding to bring food, water, shelter to other countries when we have such poverty issues here? Baffles me.

- There are some things that scare me. Somethings like clowns, open doors at night, and the dark. But the thing that scares me the most is the world ending and aliens. Don't judge me.

- What if UFO sightings are just super heroes coming into our orbit?

- So whats on every ones Christmas list?


- Everyone says you are so pretty but you are still ugly inside to me...

- I try not to get involved with other peoples lives because I am opinionated and out spoken and that sometimes can get me in trouble (usually not because I am always right) but in the instance a stranger asks me for my opinion I don't have any shame giving it. What they choose to do with that information is entirely up to them. I will however hold it against you when you go against what I say, and you later realize you shouldeve listened to me all along.

- I work at an Animal clinic. I really love my job. I see a lot of owners have to make the decision on whether it is "time" for their pet. I always tell people "If they can no longer be a dog or a cat... then it is time" In other words If a dog/cat cannot get up to enjoy simple things like eating on his/her own or running and playing.. then it is their time.

- My childhood movies were IT, Evil dead, Indiana Jones, Starwars, The never ending story, Puppet master and the Goonies. I am kind of convinced that these movies molded me into the person I am today.

- If you push it out of your mind enough, You will eventually forget fundamental parts...

- Who here thinks that 2012 bullshit about the world ending is a total crock? AGREE WITH ME OR ELSE!

- I listen. I really do. I love to in fact. I am so patient and calm. I also respect my elders. I just assume what they have to say is right because they have "Seniority" over me. I was just taught that in high school and it stuck. I don't however, I don't like to be called (directly or indirectly) an idiot or any insult of the sort to my face because they KNOW they are an elder and can say what they please. I do things for a reason, and sure maybe that's not how you do it in your life.. but it works pretty well for me. Also, come on dude.. I'm a nice person.. I haven't done anything but be a good person to you, can you just not be a dick today and let me do me?

- I am convinced that people who are generally in a bad mood secretly are jealous of those (like myself) who are usually in a good mood. I don't have time to be sad, mad, upset. I can quickly build a bridge and get over it. You should too. You should also understand that you get a lot more with kindness than being a dick all the time.

- To be honest I think underwear that has wording in the back are just as stupid as shirt's with stupid sayings in the front..

- Hey amazon, I ordered some books like... forever ago WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY!?

- I sometimes buy stuff online purposely just so that someday during the week I will have something to open.

- I am convinced that every woman's G-spot is located in different areas depending on the female. I can't really tell for sure being that I don't actually try this out with other woman, but my best friend is a lesbian, and she seems to think so too...

- Hey... If your happy... I'm happy...

- Certain smells will make me want to vomit and automatically put me in a bad mood.. Also.. did you know that out of all the senses, Smell is most closely linked with memory?


- Make an effort to do something different weekly (if not daily) when you are in a relationship... If you go with the daily motion, it is easy to lose yourself and that can cause problems later on down the road.

- Do you really know who you are? I mean REALLY ask yourself this question...

- The definition of rape is any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. Which means, if you say no.. and someone continues... that is rape.. I just thought you should know... cause if you are dating a dude/girl and you are saying "No" because you really DON'T want it.. and they continue... then that is indeed an act of rape and you should stop talking to this person immediately no matter how much you "love" them.

- Yes... Sometimes "No" means "Yes" but there are better ways of finding out if someone actually wants something, and is too afraid to admit it or if they Don't in fact want something.

I would like to buy one of these please.

- Is it weird I prefer my pop tarts cold rather then toasted? That shit is gross...

- As a best friend your duty is to tell me when I look like shit... If my eyeliner has smudged.. You best pull me aside and tell me.. because I will seriously reconsider our friendship if I get home at night and find out I look like the corpse bride and you neglected to tell me...

- I respect stay at home moms.. I don't respect stay at home moms that stay in bed all day and then have the nerve to say "I HAVE A JOB! ITS TAKING CARE OF MY KIDS!"

- Suits and Bow ties are so fucking In right now...

- There is not enough time in the world for the many things I would like to accomplish daily.

- I don't want to be friends with you because you are a coke head slut.. so stop trying to hang out.. You are gross..

- My most favorite time is while I am in my car singing at the top of my lungs...

- I know now, the precise moment woman decide to start starving themselves... It is the fall time, when Victoria secret hosts their fashion show. 

- I meet a married couple and the first question I ask is "So how the sex life" because... in all honesty.. I want to know... 

- I want to try everything once. You should too, there is no room for the word "No" unless we are talking about rape... cause rape is bad.

- Hey ladies, Next time you are blowing... (heh... blowing..) Use your mouth and hands at the same time. 

- "What the fuck is up with girls thinking they make ME cum. Bitch, I make myself cum!"

Yes please I would like to kayak with blue whales...

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  1. Great fracking post! Just discovered your blog, where have I been all this time! You're one sassy lady!