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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Real talk

I am about to get on some real talk at the moment.

I wanted to get into the "soul mate" talk because it seems to me that everyone is searching and for most its just not working out. 

I have a notion, and that notion is that when we are born, we are born with a tiny piece (it could be bigger depending on the soul mate) of our soul mate. I say that because you know that moment when someone says something that you weirdly enough feel the same about? and its usually something that is so strangely odd and not an everyday type of thing you come across? Its not a coincidence, its for a reason. Sure you date people that have things in common with you and that doesn't necessarily mean they are the one you are supposed to marry but, I figure that your soul mate will actually have a piece of you in them hence the saying "I just KNEW they were it" because strangely enough you can sense yourself, somewhere.

Everyone, every couple that is together (happily) will say "they are my puzzle piece" and its true because that other person, the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, has YOUR missing piece. That piece you feel missing and have been spending years to fill, is because the person you are meant to be with has it. 

Its taken me a long time to learn how to weed through people to figure out what is important to me in a person and that is always changing on a daily basis because I meet so many new people but I narrowed my criteria down to as little as possible with few things that meant the most. I am not saying that this is a bullet proof idea because what I thought was important to me 3 years ago (shit even a year ago) is not what is important to me today. I say to do this because if you know what is most important to yourself, that is the first step in knowing what is best for you. This is not as easy as it sounds because for a good year I was constantly switching (which you don't want to do, because you are cheating yourself). If you are able to finally figure yourself out, and figure out what Is MOST important to you, you have just became half way closer to the one you are meant to be with. Once you to understand, and write on a piece of paper the 3-4 most important qualities no matter how shallow or how small/insignificant they may be then you can begin a new dating process. Secondly, if this person has all of these qualities, then there is no room for disappointment.

But how to you know? I know because I have done it myself. First off, the qualities you are looking for aren't easy to find. You tell yourself "These are only 3 qualities that's nothing, how hard could it be?" its HARD trust me. If you find that it is TOO easy for you, then your qualities are meaningless and you need to start over.  Now, lets say you are already in a relationship right now, and you figure out the qualities you are looking for, are strangely enough missing from your significant other. This means they are NOT your soul mate. I figured you would be able to figure that one out on your own but, I realize everyone is not as smart as I am. I know this works because these small qualities that mean so much to me personally, if someone has them, then they will have more, and that makes it all worth while.

It is true by what I say that everyone has at least 4-5 soul mates in the world but it is highly unlikely to meet 2. If you are lucky you will meet 1. It wont be easy! It will be hard! but that's okay because you have your missing piece. The world could literally fall around you but it is all safe in your heart. I am not saying the "list of qualities" is what MAKES you find your soul mate, I am just saying its what helps you find compatible people. Could it help you have your soul mate? Sure. Of course.

What if I lose "the one"? Then they weren't "the one". Don't argue with me, the one is the one you spend the rest of eternity with. Your telling me that person is going to walk out? the fucks wrong with you? Now, if you fucked shit up some how, for example you lied about something... then the first thing for you to do would be to fucking man up and fight. 

I can't tell you what should be important to you. I can't tell you what are "key" qualities because what is important to me, wont be important to you, because its whats important to me, not you. I can also say that take time in trying to figure these qualities out, because ultimately its a small synopsis of what defines you.

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