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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holy shit...

Okay let me explain myself... I've been on vacation....

I know that no fucking excuse but I forgot Monday even fucking existed because of it...

- If you do something completely fucking retarded on drugs then its probably a good idea not to do them anymore. Drugs are kind of stupid in the first place, there's really not a good reason in this world to do them, so if you think about it from a far point of view... its already a dumb idea anyways.. so stop being stupid.

- The excuse "I had no idea what I was doing" Is not an excuse at all.

- Some people like being open about things, that's admirable.

- Some people take things to heart, some people don't but if you do, man up... seriously... your a fucking pussy.

- It takes me about .5 seconds to drop a shitty person in my live. I think everyone should learn how to do that so that way there is less complaining on facebook.

- Lets face it people... facebook is a networking site... if you have a business on facebook, by all means promote through your FACEBOOK BUSINESS not on your OWN PERSONAL FACEBOOK. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR T-SHIRTS, IF I DID.. I WOULD'VE LIKED YOUR T-SHIRT BUSINESS. I added you on facebook because I am a snoop, and I want to know whats going on in your personal life... not your inability to make nice shirts.

- A healing tattoo makes me feel like a lizard... that is why I am acting like a lizard.

- If I normally drive 25 minutes to your house and I almost always spend the night, is it still weird if the other party asks randomly "are you spending the night?" ?

- I know I should change but when people force me... or suggest that I do... it makes me want to stay the same.

- I think its important to feed into your own sexuality. People love that shit.

- As a dude it is important to take control of a situation (any situation) 99% of the time. It makes you look like you have giant balls of steel and that is something all woman drool over.

- Girls get their period once a month... fucking get over it.

- Ladies, please invest in a good smelling conditioner that is RIGHT for your hair type. Dudes love sticking their face in a long lock of hair and smelling what you smell like after a shower...

- Also.. you people... Yes... YOU! The ones that don't wash their hair at least every 2 days are fucking filthy.. your hair smells like... burnt.... old. Burnt old I said it...

- If you have a massive hard on... about 90% of the time I will grab it.

This is.... wonderful

- You want people to treat you well then you have to treat people the way you want to be treated.

- You hear someone say they spent 500 dollars on dinner and think "ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS?!"...... I think "Holy shit that dinner musteve tasted like Jesus's balls"

My point is... if I had the money... I would totally throw away money on an awesome dinner.. Why? You only live once.. and how many of you can say you ate a 500 dollar steak?

- Guys hear a girl say they spent 600 dollars on a color, hair cut, blow dry combo and think "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING?!" I also think the same thing.

- Allow yourself to judge those by your own opinion not someone Else's.. All of a sudden all the people friends of mine hated have turned out to be not as bad as they played out... so... what the fuck gives

- I don't fuck around with ouija boards.. I don't know what is going on outside of this world,  I'm also not dumb enough to fuck around with something I am unsure about ESPECIALLY something that could seriously FUCK SHIT UP if its true.... Like I clearly wouldn't try and attempt to fix an air conditioning unit because I don't know what the fuck they are about... and honestly you really don't want to know me when there is no A/C

- My spirit animal is an owl... whats yours?

- Don't continue to pursue a relationship with someone if they have already told you they aren't interested.

- When you are out of town, or some place new in general.. it is a nice thing to think of friends/family while you are at a gift shop. People love to know you thought of them while you were away.

- Walmart is the melting pot for the most interesting people on the planet.

- noel fielding in the big fat quiz of the year makes a shitty year worth it completely

Ollie, my great dane son's birthday was on the 15th. Monday we took him to the dog park with a friend of mine who was nice enough to let ollie steal his whole back seat for the trip.

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