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Monday, February 13, 2012

What she want? Fish filet?

- If someone gives you little feed back, they probably aren't interested. I used to want to try and get to know people, despite their disinterest in getting to know me but now I just don't have the time to waste on people that don't care.

- Some people work differently than you. That means just because you are an open book, that doesn't mean everyone else around you will/should be.

- I actually find people that don't like dessert very strange and weird.

- Eating emits the same endorphins as sex does, which is why so many people are fat.

- Whitney Houston died. Oh you knew that?

- Don't do favors for people who wouldn't do them for you. And don't feel bad about denying them that. People need to learn that you can't just be the nice person all the time. People take advantage of nice people, people don't take advantage of assholes.

- When was the last time anyone got someones attention by clearing their throat? that shit is so old school.

- I think someones music and movie taste defines them as a whole. If you don't believe me, bet that someone who loves that movie "enchanted" is going to have a better personality then someone who loves "fight club". Bet me that someone who loves "Enrique iglasias" is going to have a better personality then someone who likes "william fitzsimmons" This all is depending on what you like and don't like too.

- Don't give someone your time of day if they can't give you theirs. Every single relationship is a tug and pull relationship. Friendships, relationships, family.. all tug and pull. If you are doing all the pulling or tugging, then you are working too hard man... seriously.

- I used to get upset by people that would give me their attention a lot at first and then disappear. Now I don't give a shit who comes and goes. If they want to stay I appreciate it, its your loss if you leave anyways.

- I'm not lazy in bed. I just like a dude that knows how to work it. That shit feels good to me. Don't judge me.

- I don't have a very good memory. I just don't so deal with it. That doesn't make me stupid. It just means I don't remember useless shit. That's why I write everything down. I just get bothered by people that stare at me when I say "I really don't remember when that lady came in and said that" like I just forgot their birthday. I don't give a shit about what happens on Mondays, or any day of the week for that matter unless its something important.

 Someone please impregnate me.

- People of higher authority scare me and make me nervous. They just do. Its like the amount of respect I have makes me shake in my little space boots.

- I have an anniversary dates for my best friends. I just do. They mean that much to me to celebrate a long and happy friendship. Plus who says anniversaries are just for boyfriends and girlfriends?

- Someone told me that they were taken back by how affectionate I was via text. I just am. I am a flirty person. It's cause I can be, because I am single and I'm just generally a nice person.

- I'm... a Gennie in a bottle.. you gotta rub me the right way baby.

- Don't EVER let someone insult you in the workplace.

- Stop wondering what you are doing with your life and where you could go and just do something.

- When someone argues with you why you MUST do exactly what their job entitles tell them to fuck off and do it themselves.

- Yes, I am here just to collect a paycheck. What do you think I am here for? to work for free?

- Maybe I should do my blog on my free time. Maybe you should also mind your fucking business.

- Porn gets really boring when its your main source of entertainment and I'm just too lazy to use my imagination.

- Ball so hard mauh-fuckers wanna fine me...

        that shit cray

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