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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Any tips/advice for getting over a failed relationship, which was pretty doomed from day one?! Together for 3 months then broke up and became on and off for the remaining 6 months.Says he was "in love" with me but actions showed otherwise. Ended very bad

A lot of times what people miss, even though the relationship was a shitty one, is just the simpleness of having someone around to talk to and care about. Some people need this so much that they will put up with a terrible relationship if it means they will have something to occupy their time. Advice for getting over it would be to start doing things to get your mind off of them.

 When you break up with someone, there really is no need to continue seeing/talking to them. Unless they realize the mistake they made and change. Other than that I always tell my ex's "I'm here if you need someone to talk to or need help" but I never make an attempt at conversation again.

A lot of dudes like having relationships that don't have any strings attached which means he can do anything he wants with out there being any repercussions. If you are able to set yourself apart from having deep feelings for this person then the "on and off" thing can happen.

Forget what he told you because it either was a lie, or his view on "love" is just very different from yours. No one is worth feeling hurt over unless its someone that died. When things don't work out for me I try to occupy my time by seeing friends, going to the movies or even sleeping more often. 

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