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Monday, March 19, 2012

Yeah yeah we're nice guys, UNTIL WE'RE NOT

- I think that your mailbox defines you as a person... Really..

- I want to know why everyone thinks its so fucking important to keep up with celebrities. Some of these people aren't even celebrities by default.. they are people that did some dumb shit in new Mexico.. and now for what ever reason.. people are interested in where they eat... What the fuck is wrong with people.

- I have a friend who lives in the UK who tells me the trending thing for girls there is to use loads of make up, concealer basically, all over the face but mostly on the lips so your face looks like nothing but skin.

I know that sounds terrible, but it got me thinking that... if they thought it was a good idea to do that... it means it's because they are getting male attention from somewhere because of it... which means that men out there, think fucking a clown is hot...

- When I was a kid I was pretty sure I was going to marry Jim Carey even though he was like 20 years older than me... I knew then I needed someone that was funny as fuck, and didn't give a shit about what other people thought.

- If you are positive that what you are doing is the right thing, then you shouldn't feel any doubts about it.

- If you feel doubts about it... then what you are doing is probably a bad idea.

- Its funny how much you can tell about someones laugh. I can pretty much tell if someone is fake just by their laugh.

- It is just as important for friends to like/accept your girlfriend/boyfriend as it would be for family members.

Me, in a nutshell

- If some one's parents are crazy then there is a good chance their offspring inherited the crazy gene. Keep an eye out for crazy tendencies.

- You can't ever force someone to do something. You may only suggest. If they choose to do what you suggested or not is up to them.

- If someone changes their voice dramatically while you are trying to find out if they lied to you or not... there's a good chance they are lying... 

There are 3 things I don't EVER bring up in conversation. Those things are government parties, abortion and religion.

But fuck that shit today.

I just want to say that it is entirely my choice to do what I want with my body. I don't think its very constitutional for a large group of people to tell me what I can and can't do with my own body. All religion aside, how fair is it for someone to tell me I MUST HAVE THIS BABY. Especially, if its someone I have never met before.

That's like telling me I can never wear the color blue or eat chicken ever again.

If I decide to do abort an unborn child anywhere between 1-14 weeks then that is MY choice and I am the only one that's ever going to have to live with it. Not you... not anyone else.

Now I've never had an abortion before because I've been smart enough to protect myself in more than one way and maybe if I ever do get pregnant, an abortion would be last on my list. I was born with the capabilities to see other sides of the story. Which makes me think that people who run this shit into the ground are just people who lack the ability to empathize.  I can see why someone who was raped might want to abort their unborn child. I can see why someone would want to abort an unborn child that was most likely going to have a mental/physical defect. No woman wants to go full term to give birth to a baby that's going to die seconds after leaving the womb. That's 9 whole months of love and anticipation. 9 whole months of hope.

I can also relate to woman who do it because their douche bag boyfriend backed out at the last moment. That shit is scary as fuck! I give a lot of credit to woman who do it alone but I can see why a girl would do it.

My point is this subject itself is not just black or white.. there is a lot of grey area in between and you need to understand, and empathize with people that are seeing this as an option.

- Some people need a moment to think about things in order to get the right answer. I am one of these people. So I think you should just back off a second and let me think about this.

- You know how some people speak at a higher tone sometimes and you stare at them like a fire truck just roared past?

- A British accent (or any accent that isn't a Hispanic one) is so sexy that it might even make a girl/guy over look your mediocre looks.

So last nights episode of the "Walking dead" was amazing as usual for the final season. I just have some questions now..

For instance, Shane became a zombie after he died but wasn't it like he was becoming insane anyways? So what would've happened if he didn't die? Would he just become crazy?

Lori, which is Ricks wife, has got to be the most perfect example of woman. God damn fucking stupid and unreasonable, unpredictable and conniving... Didn't she, like two episodes ago tell rick, in a not so subtle way to basically kill Shane? What the fuck is she so pissed about?

Someone needs to put Carl on a leash. I know that's not a question but seriously... 

Why isn't Andrea dead?

You cried when Daryl picked up carol didn't you?

Black people can officially say that a nigga didn't die in the first portion of a movie/show even though Theodore doesn't really have that great of a role anyways.

Hershel Wooped some ass but even the dumbest person in Miami knows that a shot gun doesn't have unlimited ammo...

- I used to have snake bites cause I thought they would look good with my mouth full of braces... that is... until I cracked my tooth while biting down on some food. Now I realize how much of a stupid idea that was...

But I still have my nipples pierced cause that shit is sexy...

- Hey ladies, you know that freeing feeling when a dude single-handedly unhooks your bra? #shitsabouttogodown

- How about that moment when a dude tries to single handedly unhook your bra and fails, so he tries with both of his hands, and still fails and you're like "fuck it, I'll do it"...... -__- 

- All joking aside I wouldn't get an abortion if Dallas Green raped me... 

Makes me laugh.

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