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Monday, April 30, 2012

I just need the keys, if you know what I mean...

- Why Monday? Why do you have to be such a giant piece of shit?

- For someone who thinks they do everything right, you should do a lot of wrong.

- It takes every fiber of my being to not punch you in the face right now.. I'm just saying... I'm abiding by your rules but that doesn't mean I am day dreaming about some sick way to kill you.

- "How old are you turning?"
"You're young girl"
"I'm half way to death, what the fuck are you talking about"
"You're gonna die at 50?"

- Am I the only one that thinks starting a retirement plan right this second when there is a slight possibility the world might actually end this year is a bad idea? Sure its only 25 bucks a month but, that's like an extra 25 bucks I'll never get to use in December..

- I think that if you are a fucked up person, then you deserve the fucked up shit you are going through. I'm not saying that if you are going through fucked up shit then that means you're a fucked up person. I'm just saying that maybe you should ask for forgiveness any ways... just in case...

- Maybe I am the only girl who likes it this way, but just so its out there.. so people can let it simmer in their minds... I like slow sex.. I like slow... passionate fingering... I just do.. When you do drugs, you are never like "HEY.... FUCKING HURRY THIS SHIT UP!" you want to enjoy that experience.. sit back... fucking relax... Sex is the same concept.

Pretend its like a play, and at the end you both get to orgasm. Suspense and shit... girls love it.

But seriously... slow it down.

- The reason why no one gives a shit about how you feel is because people don't like bitches...  Go cry about it.

This dude, hes got swag..

- Don't post pictures of yourself crying on the Internet. It's just bad form. That doesn't mean its not okay to cry, it just means it's not okay to post them.

- My birthday is in like 4 days and these are things I think make awesome gifts:

- Don't over look a potentially shitty quality just because this person is attractive. Good looks will not get you out of jail.

- Break ups suck. There's no easy way around them. My only suggestion is to keep your chin up and know that everything happens for a reason.

- The best thing an asshole could do to you is fuck you over. They are giving you an open door to leave guilt free. 

- If a girl is laying on her back expressionless when you are trying to get her off then that just means she's not interested and you should stop.

- The best feeling in the world is feeling safe and secure. 

- Just because someone doesn't complain about their life doesn't mean that they don't have shit to complain about. 

- You have a time frame of how long it takes you to get over someone. Depending on your age this could take longer than usual. The older you are, the more quicker you get over it. 

- You are the creator of your own issues. With the exception of things falling out of the sky, and mother nature related issues, you have all the power to change/avoid anything. 

- I have to say this... my boyfriend right now is playing video games behind me as I update my blog... and that is fucking awesome.

- Just because you make poor decisions in life doesn't mean I should have to suffer for it.

- Oh yeah, you know what I love? When a person is completely self centered. FUCK! that's so hot the way you act like the world revolves around you....... dick.

- When I say something completely stupid, for some reason I think the way to counter act its stupidity is to sing my next sentence... I don't know why this happens.

- I don't handle bullying well. I think its a cowards way of trying to make them feel better about their poor low self esteem. 

Sneak from my shoot with MAZ

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