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Monday, May 28, 2012

Vice versa is definetly in the dictionary

- To not work on Monday = Already awesome Monday 

- I don't know whats everyone's obsession with anchor tattoos, as they symbolize to weigh you down.. which is usually something negative... 

- How about when people get drunk they become the opposite of who they usually are, so never invite the quiet goofy type...

- If someone says you have had enough to drink.. you should listen to them..

- I will never understand the concept of someone enjoying pain whether its emotional or physical.

- To second that, assume that everyone who likes physical pain must enjoy emotional pain and vice versa. 

- There's a line that anyone can cross. Anyone can mean someone you love dearly. In this case, letting go can be very difficult. You have understand that this is YOUR life.. and living uncomfortable is a really annoying way to live... 

- I was right by the way... waiting for exactly what you want is so worth it. 

- You should be able to tell your best friend anything with out their being conflict.. if you can't do that then something is very wrong. 

- People continue to surprise me.. I don't know if that's because I always expect the worst or that good people really do exist.

- People will think up the craziest excuses to justify a really stupid action. So just know that if you hear a crazy excuse.. its probably because they did something stupid. 

- If ever you can't explain the reasoning behind someone elses actions, just tell yourself "I guess some people just work differently" 

- So I just have to say that I threw a party this weekend. It was a mustache party 

Yeah I'm awesome, but that's not the point... the point is NEVER PAY FOR MUSTACHES AT PARTY CITY! you can buy sticky felt paper from any art store and it works just as great... and they are only a dollar... 

fuck yeah

- Every girl keeps an extra pregnancy test just like every dude carries an extra condom where ever he goes.

- Which is better: To have a really long orgasm or to have multiple orgasms...

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