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Friday, May 4, 2012

- When I was younger I wanted to be a seal trainer at the aquarium. I used to swim all day and pretend I was swimming with dolphins or seals (mostly seals). Even in the bath tub I would pretend I was training..
- I was terrified of canals as a child. When my parents would take us fishing I would cringe when even 10 ft away from one. I used to have nightmares of alligators pulling me in.

- I like black olives on my pizza.. BUT I FUCKING HATE MUSHROOMS. 

- I do like the Fiat cars. I think they are cute, small and fashionable and that shit is cute to me.. don't judge me. It could be worse, I could've said I really love PT cruisers

- My dream is for this blog to blow the fuck up, my photography to make it to magazines or Online awesome websites, and to travel meeting all types of people.

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