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Monday, June 25, 2012

I will be coming for you.....

- When people say "What am I? made of money?" always reply with "I fucking wish, at least then I could get rid of you"

- When someone says "What do you think? money grows on trees?" reply with a punch in the face.

Fucking duh, money doesn't grow on trees but you choose to pay for these things, so fuck off... seriously. Have you ever heard of the word "No"?

- Just because I have a fast car doesn't mean I want to race your acura.. you aren't cool and I'm fucking tired

- Why do people always have to associate cum with food.. like milk or cream.. We are such a food driven nation, I swear!

- I found out today that Lebron purchased a.... and I'm not fucking kidding.... 75,000 dollar bottle of champagne... and while I am all for splurging when you have the money for it, if that right there isn't the biggest "fuck you" to our continuous financial down pour, I dont know what is.

Its not enough that he gets paid already millions to fucking play, then a couple more millions in endorsements...

already $3.30 dollars in gas is fucking me in the ass and this fucking asshole has the audacity to spend seventy five thousand dollars on a fucking couple ounces of alcohol...

well fuck you too Lebron...

- Miami is also so ass backwards, who the fuck has a parade on Monday?

- I hate when someone cancels plans last minute. Maybe this would be okay if they at least had a legit reason as to why they couldn't make it but they never manage to make up a good excuse.

Its always "oh I left the water running in my apartment" or "I'm having an abortion today"

- It is possible for someone to be so sexually frustrated that you turn into something else entirely, and that shit is crazy.

- People with overly sized logos are fucking retarded.

- I know this sounds a little weird coming from me because I'm a photographer but I am getting really tired of the sign thing.

-  Sometimes you just need a break... sometimes, you just need 4-5 breaks... how ever many.. you need to recover.

- There will always be someone for everyone... that means abusers will eventually land someone that in some sick way, enjoys being hit...

- Never say "I love you" just for the sake of saying it...

- While we're at it, stop using the phrase so lightly.. It's not meant to conclude a phone conversation... It's a saying that's used to really emphasize your feelings for someone, not another meaning for "good bye"

- When I was a kid.. I told my friends that real love is being able to fart in front of each other...

Going for a run.. because being fat sucks and I love food...

1 comment:

  1. I must say I could relate to a few of these! Oh yeahhh!!!