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Monday, July 9, 2012

"The good die young emily..."

You spend all this time trying to change, why not just buffer the edges and be who you are?

I spent all this time trying not to give every part of me to people that don't deserve it and the more I tried not to, the more I ended up giving. So fuck it… this is who I am and I can only hope that some day a long the line someone will actually appreciate it…

- You hate the way you look naked but for some reason the person in front of you can't stop getting turned on then you are doing something right.. If you don't like something about yourself then work on it till you do..

- Breaking someones heart isn't easy unless you are a douche bag. If you aren't but still have to for what ever reason at least be a man about it.

- Before you sign this verbal contract called "a relationship" make sure its what you really want because if in a couple weeks you wake up suddenly and realize this isn't what you wanted, I'm gonna be a little upset about that.. and "a little" is an understatement

- I don't know if I am the only person that feels this way but sex is the type of action someone takes when they give them selves entirely to someone. If someone allows you to fuck them then they just gave you a really awesome gift of trust…

 This is an actual snippet from my personal journal

"How sick/pathetic is it that I would rather push every feeling of pain/sorrow I feel just so he feels comfortable"

- Even if someone says it isn't, everything is always you're fault.

- I have broken up with someone over text. The only reason I did was because I really didn't care about the out come..

That means if someones broken up with you over text, its because they don't care about you.

- Started reading 50 shades of grey and man.. seriously this book is really fucking over rated. This has to be because people that are reading this book have never had sex or their sex life is seriously laggin


- I've always wanted to be that person that knows that really awesome secret handshake/high five at a party that's way too elaborate for anyone else to know…

- First chances, first impressions are really the only impressions… and really the only chances…

- My goal in any conversation is to some how make it into something sex related… I don't know why I do this? maybe to push peoples buttons…

"I knocked on the door bell, and rang it..."

- I hated feeling like I was the odd one. I know I'm odd but if I ask you, don't let your answer be "yeah…" make it something like "no… you're perfect"

- On another note, when someone says "I just feel so…. *insert negative thing here*" don't just stand there… compliments are a woman's best friend… even if they are a lie.

- I seriously under estimate people a lot. The people I consider my best friends sometimes make me think twice about things… when I need them most some of them just disappear and the even weirder part is the people I would never expect to be there, are there… weirdly enough.

- I don't understand every one's gay obsession for blink-182, their lyrics suck.

- It'd be weird right, if I suddenly started talking Irish like "Brave"... too weird right?

- Relationships are like sail boats. Hand crafted, delicate, elegant and one of a kind. If it's hit with a cannon ball, its going to take more than some fucking duck tape to patch it up.

- I'm starting to think that there's way more people in this world that enjoy mentally abusing/exhausting relationships. It's like rocky, edgy, shitty is so fucking in right now instead of having some smooth, lovely, healthy relationship... no thanks man.

- NEVER burn your bridges.

- You always be that girl that every dude fucking wishes entered their life. You can't go wrong.

- You're going to be okay, I promise...

- I had a professor in college that told me "Words are the most powerful weapon on this planet" He obviously doesn't own any guns, but to my surprise... I've read somethings that make me feel like I was shot in the chest.

"Embrace the struggle when it's all you can see."

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