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Monday, July 16, 2012

It's all the same really...

 - FYI my new celebrity crush is Matty Mullins which should come as no surprise... Dallas Green is taken until further notice.... so a girls gotta crush hard on something...

So yeah... marry me.

- You become a selfish person when you push aside the personal needs of someone else just to satisfy your own. 

- If there is no good reason to keep someone around, then what the fuck are you doing?

- You can act as strong as you want but when someone pushes that button, you're a fucking goner..

- Everyone makes mistakes…

- When the head person at a facility tells you "I want you to work for me but you need to revamp your work" then stop reading this blog you fucking idiot and get to work.

- When you know the person you hate most is the only person that can help you get to the top... no bueno. Keep you friends close, I always say.

- Someone ignores the fact that doing the right thing is inevitable and continues to do the wrong thing is not someone worth having around.

- People don't have common sense. They just don't. There is not more to this statement, I just think more people should understand it.

- I envy people with long lasting love. I would not mind being best friends with married couples, because I feel I could take their word over someone who is my age and knows nothing about love.

- You need to learn to open your eyes because this world is not filled with love and glorious wonder, its filled with more heart ache and disappointment. All the good in this world is hidden and it takes a lot more than wishing to find it.

- I'm not saying you should want to be my best friend, just saying that you should want to have someone like me around.. but you will not keep me around if you continue to stab me in the back. I have a low tolerance for people who fail to realize how great of a person someone like me is, I also have a low tolerance for people who think I might not notice what they are trying to do. This shouldn't come as a surprise..

- I don't think people know they definition of common sense:
"sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts"
That means you need to be able to perceive the present facts given with out actually being told the truth. Learn how to do this… it comes in handy..

- I take my friendships seriously, just like I take my relationships.. and I would take a bullet for any of you, no questions asked.

- Take what you can get while you can get it..

- Sometimes you just have to move on despite what your heart tells you. Your feelings will always hold on to the memories but the truth of the matter is what is the best for you in the end. Don't ever let your soul down…

- p.s you can get hurt if you follow your heart. That's why we have a brain.

- This is who I am, this is my life and I come alive in the light.

- "I told him that I am going to love.. I am always going to love even if it isn't you. You will just be another guy that lost his chance. I am not afraid to love, and that will always keep me going"

- When your friend recently came out of the closet and some how acquired a lisp that was never there before in the 10 years you've known them… weird.

- You will never know the impact you can make on someone even with the little time you have spent with each other.

- The moment you realize you really are that fucking awesome. Win.

- It's not about what you have now, its about what you have in store… so let go…

- Vagina is just weird… and the fact that guys like it is still a mystery to me.. couldn't God have make it more… appealing to look at?

- If you don't wear sunscreen you will die. Just believe me on this one. 
(If you don't tell people they will die from not doing something then they will never do it….)

When I start doing give aways, this is exactly how I plan on sending out my packages...

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  1. You are amazing and I want to be "Best Friends" with you. <3