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Monday, July 23, 2012

this is how I show my love...

Because I know your Monday sucked just as much as mine,

Listen to this track bitch.

- NEWS FLASH: you cannot give weight loss advice if you have never went to school as a personal trainer or something of the sort. You're advice is useless..

I don't go around giving people advice on how to build houses... I don't know dick about building. Other than a structure needs 4 walls. 

- Which is worse? Being punched in the stomach or being so hurt by something you involuntary vomit? 

- People are still giving hickey's? Here's some advice... if someone over the age of 21 gives you a hickey, then they don't know dick about life... or anything... don't trust them. Actually... trust them just like you would a new born baby... which means don't trust them with anything.

- Forget them... seriously... Don't ever feel like you need to miss out on something because you are waiting for the ghost of something to come back...

- Be a human mirror. You want respect, I can mirror that if you give it to me. You want to be a dick, I can be a dick right back, no problem. 

- Monday morning are always too early. 

- I always thought those leashes for children were a little uncalled for and kind of sick. But if your child is doing anything but sitting down quietly in a waiting room with their hands on their lap, then you have failed as a parent, buy a leash.

- I am not an option of many, I am one option... only. So don't think I don't know what you are doing... 

- Cell phones were created to make your own personal reminders for what ever you like.. I am not a cell phone... so I can't remind you for things... 

I shouldn't have to really.. 

- "You're losing her.... every second that goes by, shes fading..."

- If you are a girl then you better learn how to change your oil, coolant and check your tire pressure. If you can't do that then you don't deserve anything in this world. 

- Food made by someone else tastes way more delicious then if you made it yourself. Sex works the same way....

- You would still get scared as fuck if someone prank called you and said either of the following:
"Whats your favorite scary movie"
"You're gonna die in 7 days" 

- Few people surprise me. That means you are all pretty much the same. If no one has ever said to you "I would've never expected" then you are too predictable and that is not cool sometimes.. 

SOMETIMES.... that means if its something really weird like you like to have sex with farm animals, this could go in the complete opposite direction.
-  I don't like people that ignore how I feel or ignore how my friends feel. If you do that you suck and can go die in a ditch. 


So... this guy... needs to marry me for the many reasons of this video itself for that which is most doodably showed in this video.... YEA

- Am I the only one that gets totally creeped out by cartoon porn. Not just any cartoon porn but like cartoons from your child hood like scooby doo and the Flintstones? family guy? people actually watch that shit?




- Also do people not understand that you can't hash tag shit on face book. It doesn't work.. so stop..

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