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Monday, August 13, 2012

All that's left

- Why the fuck do I have to wait a whole year for another season to come out? That's entirely too long for me personally and quite frankly I don't fucking understand that as a society we strive to achieve the smallest most fastest anything but when it comes to movies or tv shows it takes for fucking ever... quit it... I see what you're doing and it's fucking lame. 

- Love is a magnetic field with only one reciprocating magnet.

- You know what I love? When someone you can't fucking stand repeats what you just said but with a switch up in words and it all of a sudden becomes the right thing. Fuck that shit.

- No one gives a shit about you being in a porno... seriously.

- A relationship works like this: One person is the spark, and the other something that's extremely flammable. Which are you?

- You can't take a hoe to a hotel.

- I don't know if you all remember but the world may be ending in decemeber. So by the looks of it you have 4 months to do everything you ever wanted and it could end in two ways...

The world crumbling into nothing
You just had the best ending to 2012... here's to 2013...

- In the end all we really want is someone that can finish our sentences

- A sense of humor is derived from a real fucked up past.

- Show no mercy.

-  How come I always fuck up my airstrike in COD?

- Never lie about your penis size UNLESS you are are making it out to be smaller than it really is. I like surprises... but the good kind... not the bad kind.

- "Look, You don't want this pussy? Fine. Someone will. Cause this pussy doesn't have an expiration date and its always fresh" 

- Never love somebody that treats you like you're ordinary

- You know what I love? to be confused. I love to feel like I have absolutely no footing in anything. I love waking up in the morning and asking myself "What the fuck does that mean?" and NEVER having a single answer to anything.
Kill me.

- "I am trying to find the courage to be tender in my life. I know that violent people are weak people. Only the gentle are ever really strong."

-  If only you could see how much your emotions waver.

- Is it just coincidence that you copy me in every way possible or is it cause you want to copy me in every way possible...

-  I'm sorry that I'm not a complete and total bitch that gets mad at everything you do which in return makes me an extremely boring and predictable person. I grew out of that phase when I was 16 but I'll take a class or two on "Bitch" and "Crazy" soon. 

- "All of our girlfriends need to get jobs and support us and our video game addiction" - Dude at a party

- "I've played that war game once... its just so hard!" - Dudes girlfriend. 

- What goes around comes around.

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