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Monday, September 10, 2012

Breath out so I can breath you in.

- If you can't get over it... run over it....

- Just remember you can't control what other people do, you can only make them regret it.

-If you spend all your time sitting back, you're gonna miss the good parts.

- Your conviction is YOUR conviction. No one Else's

- I think there's worse things to cry about.

- "We're all scared of something Honey."

- Some people have to cover their tracks to not seem like a total asshole. This usually works 99% of the time with people who aren't smart enough to see through your bullshit...

- If you like someone enough, is it worth the repercussions that follow?

- You still have to fight for something, no matter how much you've been hurt. If you give up now, you give up on life in general... and let me tell you something.. the world does not need any more of you...

- If you work hard enough, you'll see results...

- Most people tell lies to justify cheating, or dumb mistakes... 

- That fantasy you have about the "most honest person being the person you're with" is full of shit. Just because it sounds like a good idea doesn't mean it is...

- If you're single.. you're fair game. If you aren't officially dating someone, then you have your pick at what ever. Rules don't begin until you actually like someone.

- Most pretty people are assholes... so when my friends ask "why did she do that" my reply usually is "Shes a pretty person.. therefor shes an asshole"

- I think its a mortal sin for a dude to talk about how terrible his sexual encounter was with a girlfriend. I know it happens... but it's just wrong...

Sex shouldn't be spoken about unless its to the one person you trust and it absolutely must be said. 

Here is why marriages never last:
1. Somebody got married a little too young. 
2. Laziness. In anything and every thing. If you settle. You're lazy. 
3. Outside influences. Like maybe a new guy at the gym. Maybe he sees you working out. Maybe he likes you. Maybe your not married. 
4. Not really understanding the true meaning of this.... dead bolt. lock. See that's the thing people see that and think I'm meaning it in a bad way... Dead bot lock can mean good things. Maybe you're safe at home. My point is, is that some people see marriage in a bad way.. which means no ones understanding the true meaning. 
5. Not taking the time to find the absolute right one. If its forever, the the amount of time you spend waiting is minuscule.
6.  Not taking the time to really understand each other. 
7. Not knowing who YOU really are. If you are the type of person that gets bored easily, then marriage is probably not for you buddy..
8. HIGH expectations.
9. Lack of faith/religion does not determine ones marital future. Seeing eye to eye on things does. 
10. Being selfish. In any aspect. 
11. Getting old. I mean mentality wise. We all get old, but some can stay young at heart. But seriously grow up no one wants none of that drama bullshit.

- Understand that the person you've always dreamed of exists for you. Its just a matter of time before they show up.

- History on past relationships is relevant. Why? because history has its way of repeating itself.

- In the end it is about you because you live your life, no one else.

- Sometimes I get so excited I want to dance like Kermit the frog

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