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Monday, September 17, 2012

I feel it falling down

Listen to this track.

- If more than one person says it, it's probably true.

- You cannot possibly love someone that treats you like shit. That's not love... thats deep, dark and wrong. The definition of love isn't "the feeling you get when someone insults everything you are and stand for"

- Just because you can't figure out your feelings doesnt mean I should be punished for it. 

- You can get rid of the physical evidence, but the memories will always stay.

- Don't forgive a person if it's their third offense.

- How about you grow up? Detach yourself from your moms tit and realize your friends don't own your feelings.

- You can't apologize twice for the same thing that's happened on two different occasions. That's what we call "your bad" not mine.

- I don't mind calling it like I sees it.

- If you are a dude.. its required of you to like or tolerate scary movies.. 

- Everything happens for a reason.

- Everything is your fault.

- Everything else is worse than your bullshit problem.

- Lets not throw a tantrum via Internet? Lets also not delete it like it never happened. That's crazy habits right there.

- If you have nothing nice to say... then don't say it at all.

- If at any point what I say may apply to you, please take my advice... you'll be better off.

- No one is forcing you to stay friends with that one person you hate... If you hate them so fucking much then delete them. Simple as that.

- Don't love whats bad for you.

- Some things linger... some things never go away.

- Respect yourself more cause you don't do it enough.

- This is what it doesn't sound like... when doves cry:

- If you stay with someone that doesn't give a shit about you... then you have no respect for yourself. 

- Marriage is reserved for people who will NEVER give up. 98% of people give up.

- 98% of people THINK they would never give up.

- Saying and doing are two different things.

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