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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's been a while...


- Sorry.. but no one counts Monday if you have it off already...

- I think its weird how some people can be a certain way on the Internet but then opposite in real life... 

- If at some point in your relationship you realize you could give 3 fucks if your significant other got raped in an alley way, that means its time for a new relationship.

- It's hard out there for a Jedi Knight.

- Why burn poor and lonely?

- I wish people were smart enough to know what's good for them.

- I wont respect you or take you seriously if you make the same mistake twice.

- "I won't date you because you're too good for me. Because I'm a piece of shit, and you are amazing"

- Stay in the friend zone. It's much more comfortable.

- Is abortion really the biggest fucking problem here in America? Is that really why I have to vote for a certain running candidate? 

- You can't hide your cuntness (not to be confused with cuteness) for ever, eventually you will forget to tie a loose end and all this shit will blow up in your face.

- The thought of disappointing a friend stresses me the fuck out.

- F.Y.I dudes would rather do a half ass job at trying to get a shitty girl than work hard at trying to get amazing girl.

If you like someone.. fucking ask them out... don't wait around for the right time... Just fucking do it.

And pay for the date too.

- "Nah... smart girls don't fall for that shit.. that probably why I haven't had a decent relationship in a while"

- Life is a challenge. If you are leaning back in your chair, you're gonna fucking lose and NO ONE likes a loser.

- When I first meet someone I analyse them. I'm quiet at first but not for long. I just need to know where my boundaries are. I have to know who's cool with my cursing or sense of humor.

- No one remembers the quiet person in the room. No one ever remembers that person.

- I would give my left tit for the 4 girls I'm friends with.

- When I was younger I was fairly positive that no dude was ever going to be physically attracted to me, which meant I had to bump my personality points up 10 fold. There was a close call recently where I thought the path I chose was the wrong one, but I was right. It really worked in my favor.

My point is if you are lacking in personality, You are lacking in everything that matters.

- I can't see how someone could just stick their dick in anything that has a vagina.

- You can't fuck me.. and then fuck a pterodactyl... and then say I was the hottest person you've ever dated... You're judgement is irrelevant at that point.  

- I have to laugh at people that think they can get away with being shady/asshole and not think that karma is just waiting to skull fuck you around the corner.

- The reason why divorce is happening at such an alarming rate is because no one fucking waits for  the right person. They get too fucking impatient.

- "Until I saw you in the ocean,
Underneath all the bright colored fish tell of a treasure in a dull shell...
"Such subtlety, so easily missed!"
You, my hidden pearl of pure and perfect love,
And I'm the living example of 100% the opposite of this."

- This is a game. Every move you make causes a rippling effect. If you aren't smart enough to play, you're going to fuck shit up and lose everything.

- A lot of people put up with bullshit because they are too lazy to do something about it.

- Think about it.. no really.. think about this. Don't just go out on a whim and hope this is the answer.

- Having to return to a previous state of normalcy is a lot harder when you have been in a different routine for a long period of time.

- The moment someone starts crying over something they created entirely...

The damage is done so I guess I'll be leaving..

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