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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You are the only one I love

- I think that there should be a map or designated layout for household items.

For example... Most cleaning supplies should be put under the sink. (Sponges, dish soap, dish washing liquid, Windex)

Toiletries should be kept in the bathroom. (Tampons, pads, toilet paper, wipies, soap, shampoo)

Towels should going in a linen cabinet, If you don't have one then an cabinet near the shower/tub is fine.

Extra sheets should also go in the linen closet.


- I see what you're doing dude. What you fail to realize is I'm doing it to you too...

- It does take one to know one...

- If you don't like where you are, get another job... or quit your part time job and get a full time one. Being broke isn't going to fix your broke ass problems..

- When people start naming their kids after you, you're doing something right.

- Silence is a killer.

- Have more respect for yourself kid.. its unattractive for you to be so desperate.

- People can't handle the truth. Face it, you fucking can't.. maybe after a few days of crying your eyes out, then yeah.. but at first? you can't handle the fucking truth.

- There was always warmth between us.

- Every girl that says they like starwars or any other popular genre doesn't make them interesting... It means they got smarter with their tactic...

- You could be anywhere in the world. 

- Watch how quickly things become interesting to her when you say you like something VS her mom says she likes something. 

- "Girls are bitches, no matter what the hair color" 

- Baby's are made by a male ejaculating inside a woman's vaginal canal. A little too graphic for you? Is that what you did in sex education class? close your eyes? is that why you're pregnant at 15? 


- Vagina is ugly. Quite frankly, the fact someone wants their head there at all times is a bit weird to me. I never understand it. 

- A closet should never hide bones. 

- If you aren't the hottest thing on the planet don't fret. Its not JUST looks that will get you some great tail... If you live in a shitty situation.. that's gonna effect the income of the pussy...

- birth control doesn't prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The same way superman doesn't spin webs. 

- Here are some surefire ways to get yourself on the "Okay, You can go fuck yourself list"

* Lie and get caught red handed, and still lie about it.
* When someone's talking shit. You just stand there. If you use lines like "I'm not in this"
* When I just told you how much that bothers me and you still do it...
* Give me the middle finger. Verbally or mentally.
* If I tell you I really need you, but something else that's no where near as important, seems to be more important.
* Fuck with any of my friends...
* Fuck with anything...
* Fuck mostly anything...
* You cry about something but never seem to fix it.

- It was fear of myself that made me odd.

- Who is gonna tell me that all this is bullshit... its a dream? Just a dream... This is not a joke...

 .............I'll never sleep.

-Sometimes love isn't about how much someone suits you, But how much you're willing to change to suit them.

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