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Monday, October 8, 2012

Lets get this party started.

- Every Monday morning I get on my knees and pray to God that its over soon.

- At what point do you stop giving a shit about certain family members? there's a a thing called a breaking point, Where is it for family members?

- I think there is a difference between accepting someone for who they are and tolerating someone because you "have" to.

- Don't sell yourself short by screwing a piece of shit. You're better than that man.

- Believe me when I say this

- It is my right to abort just like it's your right to religion.

- If your parents deprived you of starwars as a child then you have officially been put in the "This kid is sheltered as fuck" category.

- If isn't selfish or wrong for you to dump the people that cause more drama in your life than solve it. No matter family... or friend.

- "Because I'm stupid" should never be your excuse for anything. You know better than that.

- I've started to notice a weird trend. Even when someone is given everything, they still can pick out imperfections. It's fucking unacceptable. If you are given someone who appreciates you, and treats you right then you should consider yourself lucky. Don't nit pick on the dumb shit like how often someone plays video games, or how often someone masterbates... Shits useless in the end.

- If there was a way to explain me in real life... it would probably be "Jim Halpert and Jess IRL"  

I know a fuck ton of girls that don't appreciate the shit they have. They don't appreciate how good they really have it. Open your eyes...

- If someone from your past randomly comes to your mind it is said that they are thinking of you as well..

- We masturbate to pass our boredom..

- A girl will over look any logical reasoning if there is an emotional attachment behind it. That means a girl is more likely to forgive your fuck up if you apologize. Now don't go thinking you can fuck up a bunch of times and we'll forget about it after you apologize. There is a threshold. Everyone is different. Some it takes 1 or 2 max fuck ups before a girl will get tired of your shit and cut her ties.

- Just because a girl has condoms doesn't make her a whore. It means that bitch doesn't want kids or AIDS. 

- I tell people "You better not cry or I'll kill you". I don't know why I started saying this. I just know it works.

- Parenting trial runs should be tested first on animals. If you can manage that with out fucking up, Things might be looking up for you.

- I  day dream about all the dirty things I would do to you... I don't act on them because I'm a lady.

- What city has the most *single*  bearded dudes with a sense of humor?

- WHO...





this guy on my street....

- I get it.. you have your own battles your fighting but you gotta ask yourself which ones really fucking matter...


"We are the night burn,
That keeps you running
Makes you wanna be in the fight
Better hold on tight"

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