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Monday, October 29, 2012

Love is a doing word

- I'm not an asshole if I decide not to vote. If you don't vote, You don't lose your voice. People say "If you don't vote, then you have no place to bitch" However you don't lose your 1st amendment right by choosing not to use it.

- It's called "practicing medicine" for a reason.

- Too many people confuse speculation with factual information.

- I will avoid a first kiss at all cost. Not because I'm not interested.. I'm just a giant pansy and that whole moment terrifies the shit out of me.

(That's probably the whole reason I'm not a whore, that and my moral standing) 

- There are a lot of things that make me happy in the world. One of them is morning breakfast and a restaurant. I will always be the happiest person at a Denny's at  8am.

- You need to start being more fucking polite.

- Smell is the most important sense. There are times when I am with someone, and their smell alone will make it for me. This goes with a lot of things including your environment. I'm not saying make yourself like the men's walmart isle, I'm just saying... ya'll muthafuckas need some body spray.

- There are some people in this world, that if told to stare at the sun... they would.... 

- Next to beards, I also like shoulders/arms... so gym time? work twice as hard on that.. but don't topple over.. cause that's not going to do us any good.

- Shower sex is the best sex.

- 10 cents is not that big of a fucking deal.. I know we're all in a shitty situation but in no way/shape/form is 10 cents going to make it or break it for you.

- When you are wrong, and just too stubborn to admit it...  you need to eventually acknowledge you're wrong. You can't be right always... even if you are... no one likes that person. ever.

- Today, you are the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you will ever be.

- I think people are getting the term "addicted" twisted. You are NOT addicted to something until it effects the people around you. When you say "I'm addicted to porn" that doesn't mean you sit at home everyday and masturbate to a set of tits. That just means you have a healthy libido.

Now, When you're bank account is in the negative because you buy shit porn off the Internet and you have so much jizz on the bottom of your table that it looks like stalactites, you may have a problem.

- I think more and more people are not showing their appreciation for shit that needs to be recognized. Even if its something someone does for you on a daily basis... that doesn't mean you should stop saying thank you... or that you should expect it...  Someone does something nice for you, even if it's picking up the pencil you just dropped, You say "thank you"

- Some strippers/porn stars shouldn't be on HD channels.

- Don't vote on a certain ballots just because there is a sad puppy/child on the hand outs. ALL sources are biased.

- Sure, no one likes the idea of killing an unborn child. If you did, you'd be one sick fuck.. and we wouldn't be friends. Just because I'm pro-choice doesn't mean I like the idea of someone killing. It just means I think I can make my own decisions.. 

- People are starting to place high value on things that cost a lot of money, instead of putting high value on anything/everything. If I buy you a gift for your birthday, and its NOT the RayBan's you asked for, you can still appreciate the gift I got you... dick.

- I wouldn't make that same mistake if I were you...

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