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Monday, October 1, 2012

Lowest prices of the year.

- I'll be happy when I can officially take Mondays off.. Till then, Monday is still a bag of dicks...

- Someone pisses you off just listen to this song:

- I'm only one person. I can't divide.. so suck a dick and be patient.. I'll get to you in a second.

- Maybe I don't agree with certain peoples views but you don't see me casting them out because of it.

- Everything is hollow.

- Don't be afraid of what people will think because of your actions. If you feel its the right thing to do, then do it. BUT ONLY IF YOU FEEL ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. This doesn't give those of you who always make terrible decisions the "okay" to continue making shit decisions.

- I honestly don't give a shit about networking websites. I have trouble keeping up with them.

- It's not okay for a dude to use the excuse that "shes on her period" as a fall back when your girlfriend is being a bitch. If shes being a bitch, its because shes a bitch.. not because shes bleeding from her vagina.

- I know way too many girls that use the excuse of "rape" because they suddenly realized they didn't want to finish the act 3 quarters of the way through. Saying no to a dude at that point is kinda like teasing. So I can see where things may go wrong.

In other words... you deserve the dick your getting if you wake up half way through sex and realize "Eh.. I'm not into this"

F.Y.I rape is not okay but neither is dicking me around so... take one for the team.

 And yeah, you are what you wear. I'm sorry but its fucking true. You will never catch a smart girl wearing her lingerie in public... FOR OBVIOUS REASONS like the fact that that leaves no mystery for anything. I'll be the first to say it, if I see you wearing that shit.. I'm gonna assume you want a dick up yours. Cause when I'm trying to flaunt my shit.. its usually because I want one up mine...

- If more than one person says it... it's probably true...


- Getting drunk every so often is alright.. but bragging about it every night, or every Friday to Sunday makes you look like a cunt.. so take it easy drunkie.

- Everyone is dying to tell their story. No body is interested...  that needs to change.

- Give as much as you take...

- I'm not a player I just crush a lot... 

- At some point in life you have to stop and ask yourself why you haven't done half the awesome shit you should be doing. What is your excuse? really... 

- The person you decide to marry is a reflection of who you are.. if you pick a shitty partner.. that just makes you a shitty person. 

- Oh am I supposed to know you miss me? Is there some type of memo I'm not receiving?

- Nobody deserves a 3rd chance. No one... people rarely deserve a second. Don't be stupid about this... 

- You are beautiful. Really. 

- I just want a dude that can make me laugh and do cute photo shoots with me that doesn't mind that my dog sneaks in the bed at night.

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