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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We all need a second chance.

See what had happened was....

Okay minus the bear played on Monday, and I know you guys are in need of your weekly Monday post, but I had to see them play! 

I was supposed to shoot the show but I currently don't have a camera.
(Don't ask) 

Anyways as always, it was an amazing show! 

I got my hair cut and colored by Valerie. Shes at Peter of London on Kendal Drive.

On with it:

- There will come a time where you will realize that everything that has built up to this point was absolutely necessary to get to your perfect point right now.

- There are things in this world that can hurt you. Things that will do bad things to make you question your sanity. Stay strong. This too shall pass.

- Everyone changes. We are still always a tiny bit of our past.

- You can opt for deletion but nothings ever really gone..

- A girl that asks for the size of your penis is a girl that's interested in you.

- If you spend more than an hour alone at a dudes house... you have a crush on him. Or you're attracted to him. Or you just like the attention he gives you. Either way, don't tell me otherwise because I know you're lying.

- Dating people in other states doesnt work.

- Stop being such a pussy about picking a girl up. If you like her, ask her... the worst that could happen is she would say "no".

- "You get what you give. You put a negative out in the world, you'll receive negativity. It's the same with putting positive vibes. More often than none, you'll get 10x more than what you give." - Tye

- "An argument is not what ever bullshit spews from your mouth. It must be well thought out and the loudest person is NOT the winner." - Tye

- I hate how some commercials portray men out to be the biggest fucking moron with out their significant other. I saw a commercial for the swiffer, it was promoting how easy it is to use. So easy, a womans husband could use it. Thats kind of stupid because I'm sure he knows how to use a broom. 

- "Happy wife = happy life" doesn't mean "Give her everything, you can go fuck yourself" I'd like to think I'll marry someone who will make me happy but I don't want some dude that just lets me walk all over him.

- When you unwrap your hair from a bun = pure bliss.

- The other day, there was a dude following me around in my car in my friends appartment complex. At first I got kind of worried. I parked anyways, started to walk fast toward the appartment when he sprinted towards me and yelled "NICE CAR! I WASNT EXPECTING A TATTOOED LADY TO BE DRIVING IT!" when I turned. It was a hot guy.

I couldn't turn towards him, because I was already almost to my friends appartment but I felt like such a dumb ass for not continuing a conversation with him.

at first I was upset with myself, then I remember that most murderers are handsome dudes... so maybe I just saved my life...

Not really.. I still feel like an idiot.. that dude can kill me any time...

- Anyone else use chapstick and weirdly enough your lips get more chapped? WTF ASSHOLES?!

- Stop planning so far in advance. NOTHING ever pans out the way we expect.

- If I cared, I would care but I don't, so I wont.

- You expect people to do you favors when you don't do any yourself? Guess what buddy, you can go fuck yourself.

- I have no problem bending over backwards for those that deserve it, you shouldnt either.

- Money isn't everything, but It CAN buy you everything.

- "Perspective can make or break you." Tye

some songs I've been listening to on repeat

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