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Monday, November 5, 2012


- If you're careful enough.. you won't get hurt.. have fun being a pussy...

- Smile like you mean it...

- I hate when someone says "I'm not weird, I'm limited edition" No bitch.. you're fucking weird.. don't make up excuses for your weirdness... What you really mean is "I made this up so I can feel better about only having 1 friend..."

- Is semen good for skin? THE MORE YOU KNOW

- People.. the flu vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting sick. It's to build your immune system up so you have a fighting chance against the common cold. There are like a million different strains of the flu, there's no way they can put all of them into one vaccine.. lets be smart about this...

p.s if you get sick right after you have the vaccine.. you have a shit immune system.. fucking work on that.

- Next time your dog runs out in front of my car, I'm not stopping. Guess who's fault its going to be? Not mine. Leash your fucking dog... Unless you don't give a shit about it.. in which case by all means...

- Max is not a good name for your dog...

- You can lie to me all you want about how you have "faith" but the truth is.. unless people can see/feel it.. its pretty much nonexistent

- There is some truth behind the zodiacs.

- I think I can acknowledge an apology.. You should too.. Better late than never.

- Because you were a cheerleader in high school is that supposed to make you smart?  is that a pre-qualification for people to know if you make good decisions? I can't say I know the answer to this.. All I know is usually people forget about high school.. not try and relive the unimportant parts...

- I'm slowly starting to realize that the effort you put into something should only be determined by how much you will get out of it.

- You have a better judgement of your threshold than I do... never let me steer that shit..

- Dick is dick, no matter what the size... wack dick, however is common.. be careful of that wack ass dick yo..

- I can't tell you how to act... I just know that what you're doing is wrong!

- Just because its socially acceptable for one race to make fun of another doesn't mean you're allowed to. You'll never catch me mocking a black person (I don't do impressions very well.. knowing me I'll sound like I'm in the middle of Mexico) because:

1. I cant.
2. You just don't.

Honestly I think there's more important things to be really upset about.. Not just who you can.. and cannot mock... 

- What am I supposed to do when you tell me everything I do is shit? Am I supposed to volunteer to quit? I happen to like how I do things... no one is forcing you to be here...

- Probably if you're kissing a girls neck... and her face is readily available.. you should kiss her (actually) while you're at it.. and not ignore that there is a perfectly good pair of lips on this face...

- Everything is disposable.

- On that note: Make a list of 4 items or less that are important to you that you can grab with out a moments notice.

- But your year book photo makes me think other wise... seriously its making me question everything...

- The slow... anticipated kiss.. is the best kiss. 

- When you see someone struggling... don't just stand there.. fuck man you have two legs and two arms... use them...

- Don't complain... work with what you have.

- According to everyone on this planet... nobody's opinion is ever the correct opinion.

- What I was thinking is George Lucas can give Disney the rights and then they can make another movie.. cause.. that sounds like a good idea.


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