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Monday, November 19, 2012

You said they were a bunch of.........

- If you can't finish a project on your own, then don't attempt to do a project no matter how many people say they'll help out.

- The best part of waking up?

Is foldgers in your cup.

Or a dick in your mouth, which ever you prefer more..

- Most people wont know how much you're worth until you leave. You can tell me all you want you appreciate everyone in your life, but the truth is.. you really don't.

- "I still have emotional feelings towards girls strictly because of the blow jobs they give me. Guys remember good, quality blow jobs, over good quality sex."

- Only extend favors to those who extend them to you.

- First moments are scary but if you have a dick and balls, you're in charge of those moments. Girls want a guy who will grab them when they want. Who will kiss them when they want.

- Yeah... a girl that makes the first move is nice. OR.... she's trying too hard/desperate and I would rather not make the move at all, then ever maybe possibly be considered "trying too hard/desperate"

- Open the door for people in general. Especially if they look like they need help. Like if a hot tattooed girl is carrying a pizza and many other things...  You don't stand and stare... you fucking open the door.

- YOU do what necessary to profit. If you tell me you can't work because you're missing an arm or you have diabetes, then you deserve that shit hole of a place you call a home. 

- Everyone is looking for that one person that gets it. That, with out explanation, is right on top of conversations with good input. Those people are very few and far in between.  Because of that, We are more likely to ignore some serious warning signs. I'm just saying be a little smart about this.

- I personally don't like receiving but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

- Who in the FUCK motorboats anymore? That shit is something drunk douche college guys do.. Treat my tits nicely... with your mouth.

- Every girl wants a guy that tells her what to do, and every guy wants a girl that takes control.

- People (particularly your friends and family) have grown accustom to (your) random acts of kindness. I don't know about you but I don't want everyone always thinking I'm the nice person that does nice things always, even when you don't do nice things back to me.  I'm not saying always be a dick, I'm just saying don't be that person that always does nice things.

- I know you are just trying to help but you don't have to treat me like I don't know where the "ON" and "OFF" button is... 

- P.s... If there's instructions, chances are I did everything correctly... how do you think I became such a great cook?

- Breaking up over a text is not cool. Not cool.

- You can't insult me one moment and then try to buffer it with a joke. You're a dick and I hate you.

- A true friend will tell you how ugly you are when you cry.

- The second someone tells you you're "basically" worthless, tell them to "basically" go fuck themselves 

- What's exhausting is all the wrong people wanting to date you...

- You can't ask me to sleep with you and then try the same shit on my friend and think I'm not going to find out. Loose lips sink ships bra...

- How long does it take for people to figure out who they really are?

- Most people have never legitly been told they are beautiful. Which is sad because everyone is beautiful. Except for rapists and murderers

- Everyone wants their piece of heaven.

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