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Monday, December 3, 2012

Here goes nothing.

- No one gives a shit if you're fat... people give a shit if you're a loser. You can be fat but live a healthy life style, and have a good personality, people will love you for that shit.

- Whining is going to do you no good. Especially if you are whining alone.

- Everybody cries. It happens.

- It takes a few seconds for you to leave a lasting impression. Whether its a good one or a bad one is up to you...

- You made yourself an enemy.. no one else can do that for you.

I sing this song in the shower every morning during December. The same way she does.

- Yeah a bunch of strangers can spit up a bunch of bullshit about you, if it isn't true then fuck it. People talk all this rabble because they are jealous. Unless its the truth, in that case you're an asshole and go die.

- Nah dude, you burned that bridge when you covered it in gasoline and lit that match. It's cool though.. the grass is WAY greener over here anyways. Have fun sucking dick and jacking yourself off alone.

- Confidence is sexy as fuck. Honestly. But being over bearing about it is kind of lame.

- You lost out bro... you really did.

- Just because I orgasm doesn't mean it happened strictly because of your tiny ass dick. Before you go and tell your friends how good I said you were, you should also remember how nice I am.. and how I'd hate to hurt anyones feelings.

- If you never try, You'll never know

 :Places fingers on brow: 
Shut the fuck up.. You used today as an excuse to dress like that. You are asking for it... trust me.

- You're better than a warm body with a cold heart.. this I know.

- People... children aren't pets. We don't neglect them after a certain age.

- Every girl wants a guy who is capable of calling the shots. 

- Don't ever think you should deprive yourself of something great. You deserve greatness just like anyone else.

- Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones... I will try to fix you.

- You cannot fuck anything up if you are honest with yourself and those around you.

- Talking about a problem is the first step to solving a problem.

- Hey guys.. forget what porn has taught you. Jack hammering a girl is rarely ever satisfying.

- There is nothing more terrifying than unstable grounds.

- Yeah.. you can snoop around but if you find something you don't like... that's all you dude.

- Why were we told as children that taddle tailing on someone is a bad thing. From a young age we were told that telling the truth about something bad.. or someones wrong doings.. is a bad habit. I don't understand this concept.

- When you tell a girl that you still have feelings for an ex, and then fuck a girl that's not your ex right after a break up, makes you look like a fucking asshole. In case you didn't know.

- I'll stop the world and melt with you.

- When people use twitter as their global psychiatrist...#stahp

- Two things: Narwhals do fucking exist. Those whales with the unicorn tusks. How people don't know this is beyond me.. They are a real creature... with real feelings..

Eggs... are JUST eggs unless they are fertilized. This is another one that blows my mind.

- The one problem about being too "In-tune" with your intuition is your body will usually make you over think a certain situation so much that it can make you look like a dumb ass.

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