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Monday, December 17, 2012

I don't care what they say about us anwyays...

- You have to consider everything, not just one thing, when coming to a decision.

- It takes a lot of positive to create a good person. Its up to you to choose whether or not you want the positive, and not the negative.

- I hate when girls say "How come only douche bags are attracted to me". What you really mean to ask is "How come I always date douche bags"

Probably because you're a fucking idiot.

- You can't say "nothing happened" when you in fact have no idea what happened.

- If you want to destroy my sweater, Pull this thread as I walk away.

- All the roads we have to walk are winding. All the lights that lead the way are blinding. 

- Fear is a fucking choice. You choose to be scared. Is it normal to be afraid? yes... but don't let fear drive you.

- If you want something then you have to grab it. Not everything will be handed to you or fall in your lap. Grow up and take whats yours.

- Effort should only be measured by how much the other party puts in first. However, you can be the first, but if it is not returned by equal or greater value, toss that mother fucker.

- The reason people give favors is because they expect it to be returned. Face that fact. Also face the fact that there is nothing wrong with expecting good out of people, so long as you are giving the goods as well.

- When you are assigned a project with a group of people, make sure you are able to cover everything on your own. Just in case dick face Richard decides hes going to get the stomach flu..

- Be that person they deserve.

- Stop waiting for everyone else to be strong around you.

- There are people out there that will hate what you enjoy because it makes them feel better about themselves. Fuck those guys.

- Friends help friends. You need a companion to confide in. It human nature.

- Believe that awesome always derives from a series of unfortunate events

- If you have to get someone else to apoligize for you, I can promise you, you won't get anywhere far in life

- If there is one lesson I would like you to learn it would be this:

Please, for what ever reason, do NOT think its a good idea to pretend to be something you're not strictly because you think it will attract the person you are interested in. It's a surefire way to piss a smart girl off.

If you're typically not the type of person that is regularly sweet and affectionate. Then don't make me think you are. I'll still be cool if you're not. Whateves.

- I really fucking hate when someone says "Point blank" to end a sentence or statement. Its fucking rediculious stop.

Your voice can bring back my memory.
Landscapes of madness,
I wonder if you'll ever know.
How it feels to live without a second chance...

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  1. Your posts are always a fun read :)