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Monday, December 10, 2012

Ill be right back

- Not really sure why people do certain stupid things. Not really sure why its usually adults that do them either. 

- Blood doesn't matter. 

- People should realize that you can't just throw someone under the bus with out actually talking to them. You can't just assume something is wrong when you haven't even asked.

- There is a way around things, you just have to really think about how to do it. 

- Nothing is fair. That doesn't mean you should stop being fair. You need to ALWAYS be fair, no matter what. Even if everyone you have ever been fair to, has NEVER been fair to you. It doesn't matter. You need to do what is right and set an example for others. 

- People recognize good doings. People appreciate them. But understand it is strange and foreign to most. Don't get discouraged when others don't immediately return the favor. 

- When someone you like is going through a difficult time, try and be there for them. Normal reaction to a crying human being is to say 'I'm here for you' or 'Is there anything I can do?' 

- Have you ever gone to a store and asked yourself  'You know what I really need? reindeer antlers for my car' if you have, you can go to hell... 

- Its better to go to the source of a situation rather than what surrounds it to solve it. 

- I hate when people continue to use past references to show someone how much or how little they've done. The past does matter for certain things but if you can't prove to me the type of person you are capable of being everyday forever. Then what you've done in the past no longer matters. 

- Getting your friends to clean up after you is so very pathetic. Stop being a pussy and own up to what you've done. 

- I really hate crying in front of people. 

- People will say hurtful things when they hear the truth. It's a defense mechanism. 

- It is very possible to drive someone away by the amount of mistakes you make. 

- Time does not heal all wounds. It sure does heal most though. 

-  Not down with sharing boyfriends. I'm just not. It's not my thing.

- psychological abuse is a real thing.If you have been a victim, do not doubt that person knew what they were doing the whole time. 

- Some people have bad days... those days are usually mondays. 

- A lot of people are scared of new things. Change scares a lot of people. Which is why most old people never use the internet. 

- Never get mad at someone when they are expressing their feelings. 

- You can't possibly think you can treat me like shit and i'll give you the time of day in return. There is no excuse for someone to treat another person like shit when you have been nothing but nice.

- Just because someone is nice, doesn't mean they aren't murderers. Murderers don't go around telling people that they're murderers. 

- You can't expect something out of noting. 

- Never give someone the satisfaction that all's forgiven after a lame apology.

 It all makes so much sense now. 

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