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Monday, January 14, 2013

It's gotta hit home.

- Some people really hate that you're happy. They hate it so much that they want to hurt you. So stop being so fucking happy.

No srsly, Fuck those guys...

- What is the greatest moment of your life cannot be brought down by what is considered to be a crappy moment.

- If someone seems to be brown nosing more, keep a watchful eye on that shit. People only do that when they want something.

- Normal, Good people put in 110% effort for you. Because they believe that you will too. Because they think you too, are a normal, nice person. If you don't do that... you're an asshole... and should have asshole friends. So leave the normal, good people alone.

- Your insecurity is showing....

- So... it turns out that if you pretend you are someone, you can actually be said person. Now, I don't mean you can go around saying you're a dinosaur, and actually be a fucking dinosaur... I mean if you can think your a beautiful person, you will in fact be a very beautiful person. If you say you are a strong person, and really want it enough... you will in fact become a strong person. I swear, try it...

- Wait.. so is Jodie Foster gay? Not that it matters, I was just sincerely confused by her speech. I want to know where she was trying to go with that... 

- I hate when people directly say "I don't think its anyone's business, that's why I don't post it on facebook" but indirectly talk about how they hate people because they're cheaters or liars...

- I don't want to make the same mistake, so I won't. It's that simple. You don't trust that people change if they have already proved you wrong in the first place.

- Don't think that the person you are looking for doesnt exist. They do. Theres just too many people that are tired of waiting.

- You always half way open mouth kiss... any other way is just childish... come on man. 

- Be like a dragon. Untouchable. Until one person comes in all of their courage and SLAYS YOU DOWN.

- I don't like that facebook changed its old "status:" option to "What's happening, Emily?" Its like... all of a sudden facebook sounds like grandma trying to be "hip"

- I don't get easily agitated. I notice change in the stream and instantly want to investigate. That's human nature.  I know I can either accept this, or move on.

- In case you didn't know this: You should always wash your brand new underwear. You wouldn't believe all the things people will try on.

- Why'd the golden globes look like it was held at the conference room at the days inn? 

Hello Stud.

- Kyle Kuhn has BBC, Jazz hands and a rare form of gonorrhea. He also can be taken on as a carry on.

- All we want is for you to be pleased and you never are. The bar gets higher and higher. 

- I told myself I would be more bold this year. So.. here goes nothing... 

- See what I did just then? That's what Jodie Foster did... 

- I never understood the meaning "They want their cake, and they want to eat it too" 

I mean fuck... yeah I want to eat my fucking cake... cake is very delicious. I don't want to just sit there and stare at it. I just think its a bad analogy for describing someone that is selfish.

Saying "They are very selfish." makes more sense... You just don't put cake in with a negative. It doesn't apply. 

 - I probably wouldn't ever date Daniel tosh... but I would definitely be his biffle.

- I've never seen someone post so many updates about themselves on instagram. Fuck.

I hope you like the new dew. Thanks to Jenna Yenik for the awesome illustration! check out her store for prints and awesome goodies! and Special thanks to Mazproject for putting it together.

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