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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not the same

I'm not really one for new years cheers and resolutions. Technically speaking, the term "New years resolution" is sort of an oxymoron. Being that the 1st is the "new year" and its impossible to get all those impossible dreams accomplished in just 24 hours. 

So heres what my personal journal is telling me to change about myself...

- "Stop being so optimistic when you know damn well you have no need to be" 
- "You can say all you want that this is a good idea, but damn it, You know its not."
- "Don't put out the fire when someone arrives... ever..."
- "People will show their true colors and intentions with in seconds of knowing them, Don't ignore the signs because he's so damn cute" 
- "Awkward sex sucks hard dick."
- "People can walk out of your life like you never existed. With out a word. You have to accept that as a possibility always.."
- "You don't talk to a girls best friend about how great your sex was with her... You just don't.."
- "You can't be with someone strictly because you adore the attention..."
- "You really don't have to work that hard for a piece of shit.."
- "You are so much more than all of this bullshit... seriously." 
- "Easy solution: No pull? fuck it." 
- "Even the boys you like the most can be wolves in sheeps skin." 
- "Dick move #32: You tell a girl you love her, except you don't... you were just trying to not be a douche... by directly being a douche..." 
- "Falling off the face of the earth is cool, just don't try climbing back to me cause I won't be here." 

Fuck it. Let's see what you got 2013... 

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