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Monday, January 7, 2013

Talk to me.

People, I haven't left. It just takes me 2 weeks to finish one year and start another.

- If you break up with someone, or someone breaks up with you... move on. Shit wasn't meant to be. Don't be one of those people that linger around stalking another person. That's sad and I don't mean sad as in "oh, she needs help" I mean it in a way that people might think you are desperate or stupid.

- Lets not lie about something you could get caught for later.

- Alcohol poisoning is no excuse for forgetting you just gave a blow job to the kid in the back of the party.

- p.s "I don't think that happened" Isn't a valid excuse.

- I love people that use drugs as an excuse as to why someone is a shitty person. Drugs didn't make them a shitty person, being a shitty person made them a shitty person.

- Dude, if you really want that girl go get her... don't waste your time on some half ass chick because its convenient for you. If you can't realize that, then fuck it.. you don't deserve her anyways.

- Saying you're cool a bunch of times doesn't actually make you cool. The same way if I repeat "I'm a doctor, I know what I'm doing" doesn't make me an actual doctor...

- I truely believe that we have many paths to choose, depending on which one you take, will lead you to your fate. It all just depends on the road you chose to take. Your choice also defines you as a person, this choice will also form how other people see you sometimes. Which means you will not only change your future, but possibly someone else. Chance happens but very selectively and is highly unlikely. Do not... I repeat... DO NOT take any situation lightly. ever.

- Disinterest does not show interest.

-I never walk into a publix or walmart and ask "Can I get a discount?".. So why do you do it?

- I can't really tell you what Jesus would do... I can however, tell you it probably wouldnt be that...

- Either you accept the people you cannot change or you leave them.

- Do not feel bad to the decisions you have to make to make yourself a better person. No one ever said it would be easy. People don't get things handed to them always.

- If a stranger tells you "don't do it" maybe you should second guess yourself.

- I hate when people say "Maybe its just not the right time for the both of you" No one needs to hope for a second chance.

- If someone gives you a gift, a complete stranger can't come out of no where and take that gift. That gift does not belong to you stranger... get your stranger hands off of it...

- I'm the type of person that will purposely leave bait somewhere to see how someone reacts.  I am constantly subconsciously testing people, even if I know it will hurt me in the end.

- There was a moment in edward scissor hands that I always payed attention too, At the end when shes telling the story of how snow began to fall, and you realize its been him this whole time... for ever. Even as a child I knew there was something special about that.

- I am a very comfortable person. I think a lot of my friends think I enjoy going out but... I really like staying in bed and day dreaming about new photo shoots.

- Sometimes when people are scared, they will say a lot of hurtful things. Maybe they are the truth.. maybe they aren't.. This is just a normal reaction that some people have.

- I think the over sized button down long sleeve tucked into your jeans with a belt is very 1994. We aren't on the set of F-R-I-E-N-D-S

- Its very confusing to me why some people refuse (absolutely) to enjoy a moment strictly because it's out of their comfort zone. Dude... its just a short period of time... make of it what you will...


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