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Monday, February 18, 2013

I bet when the night ends I'm gonna find one I'm likin'

- So understand that if someone has done something bad in the past, you run the risk of them doing it again. This doesn't mean they will do it again, its just a cliff note to keep around, in case something fishy starts to go on...

- If you cheat on someone... someone, somewhere is going to do the same thing to you. Just keep that in mind.

- I'm way too smart for my own good. I figure people out too fast and as an end result its my down fall.

- This is the sound of settling

- Most people think they know what they are talking about, but they don't. Even I don't sometimes.. I know most times but not all times.

- All adventures woman do...

- You gotta wonder about God or a higher power when everything at some point works out so perfectly there's no way its happening because of chance or luck.

- I believe in fate. I believe in Destiny. I believe that things are meant to be.

- "I don't even want a boyfriend. I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time, who thinks I'm the best person in the world and will only have sex with me"

- You should learn to vibrate on a very strange frequency...... 

"Draw me like one of your french ghouls"

- I think everyone, at least once a month, should set their phone and Internet aside and go commando with the electronics. Just for a whole 24 hours.

- You can't find love on the Internet, so stop thinking you can! You are forcing the idea of love which usually always back fires.

- There is nothing more that annoys me then someone that waits till almost midnight to tell me that we can't hang out. Look, I wont be mad if you tell me first thing in the morning. thing is, I usually have very little time off due to my job and hobbies, so when I do, I don't want it wasted waiting for friends to make up their minds on what to do for today.

- How is something that is brand new on amazon be priced at 2400 but the used price be 2500 dollars... You're drunk amazon... get your shit together

- I hate when people say "The Superbowl is stupid, watching a bunch of dudes run around"

Dude a lot of shit is fucking stupid.. A LOT OF SHIT... no one asked you for your opinion.

- You will never be satisfied with what you have. But don't feel bad about that. If you were content with everything, you wouldn't strive for anything.. and there lies a problem.

- Sometimes... a person could get so caught up in the heat of a moment (moments like sex) that they'll slap you.

- I actually didn't know this was a problem until recently. Apparently girls do not know how to arch their back during sex. (There's not a lot of things girls know how to do period) but in case you didn't know.. here:

- The dick will not bite.

- Everyone is bad with money... even millionaires.

- I still don't understand why a dude always has to ask "Should I wear a condom" isn't that a given? Yes... put the condom on... don't even bother asking... just do it.

- My new years resolution was to "be more ballsy" and as I walked into a Starbucks and saw a dude I thought was cute.. so I did want any responsible adult would do... I stalked him on facebook.

The even more sad part was I the whole day I thought about the creepiest things I could say, as if that was going to make my chances of getting his number greater.

"Hey.. you made my coffee today... I like what you made... and I like what I see..." No Emily.. no.
"I'm still drinking the coffee you made me... can I have your number?"
"Hi my name is Emily, You're cute..."

anyways... I still got his number.

- I think people need to stop being so fucking insecure about themselves. I hate when people say "If you don't like it, change it..." Like I can just snap my fingers or say a wish... just accept yourself dude.

- A dude will marry a girl with a crappy personality if she looks like a model. A girl will marry a dude who isn't that attractive if he has money. This is just the truth.

- The world of facebook doesn't need to know how shitty things are for you on a daily basis. That's what therapists and friends are for.

- "pretend its a milkshake that's too thick to go through the straw"

- Just because you are getting paid for blow jobs and you're using it on your tuition doesn't make it right.

- You can't do a negative and think that you'll receive a positive. Shit doesn't work that way.

- Hey dick, If I give you advice, you better fucking take it. I have zero tolerance for people who openly ask me for my advice and then never take it. 

- To answer your question, Yes, everyone is judging you. Every single second of the day someone is thinking to themselves wether or not you are a good or bad person for what ever reason. You will not always be a good person, but I hope you will usually never be a bad one. That's all that matters.
- Irrelevant information doesn't beef up an argument, just like talking louder doesn't make you right.


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  1. I accidentally came across this at two in the morning last night. Just wanted to inform you that it came off as some really hardcore stuff at the time. My eyes were barely open but I was like "this girl...she's just soo... deep":p