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Monday, March 4, 2013

I tried to sleep but then I wake up...


- Honesty is really the best policy.

- The only thing that sucks about that is, girls hate hearing the truth if its something that they really don't want to hear in the first place. It could be the most honest statement but if it means a girl wont get her way.. she will still pretty much hate you. 

Ladies.. seriously... make up your fucking minds. Do you want to be lied to or not?!

This is exactly what it feels like to be on your period.

- When someone that you thought was your friend, sends you a friend request on facebook is a lot like being asked to 8th grade dance by your crush, who is really just playing a sick fucking joke on you.

- Think before you speak boy. Its going to save you. 

- I hate that the cool thing now is to be silent. Being silent now gets peoples attentions. Like I could not hear from a dude for 5 days after a really cool date and be flipping out on whats going on but in reality they just really fucking know how to play this game. 

I'm not about the silence. I'm putting an end to that shit. It's annoying. Its really fucking lame. If you like me.. then lets hang out more... not less... thats lame. 

- We're all just looking for answers to every question we have. We all just panic when it isn't answered right that second. 

- My grandmother used to tell me "the truth shall set you free" and she was so fucking right. You want to be a good person.. then tell the fucking truth... even if its going to make someone really hate you... or cry.. 

- If you have to, make a list of all the reasons not to do favors for people that wont do them for you. I have to do that because I forget everything.

- You should actually brush your teeth twice a day. You never hear about anyone dying from brushing their teeth. Unless they are fucking stupid. I know you aren't but you breath smells like you are. 

- Take your manic depression somewhere else.. ain't no body got time for that.

- Just because you've had an item for a long period of time doesn't make you a professional using it. People who say "I've been taking pictures since I was 5" are a bunch a fucking liars. You just liked the way it felt, you weren't actually a fucking photographer. I know a lot of dudes who think they know how to use their penis... they really fucking don't. 

- When you can no longer function with out another human being, then you should be totally scared! 

- Oh hey... long time no talk... whats that? oh no... you don't get a second chance to be a douche bag again to me..

- People think that what they are doing is justified because they are really amped up on feelings.. CALM YOUR DICK MAN... chances are this is a really bad decision.. you just don't think so because you're feeling wall has blocked all logical thinking! THINK ABOUT THIS MAN!!! 

- You don't have to fuck a lot to say you're experienced in "life" what the fuck does that even mean? shut up... go home... 

- People who pick food out that taste so insignificant in their meal really piss me off.. It's like why cant you just order something that doesn't take more time trying to fix than eat? fuck man I just want to eat. 

- Also... hey people who wear fake colored contacts!... THEY LOOK LIKE FUCKING SHIT AND I KNOW THEY AREN'T YOUR REAL COLOR.. everyone knows they aren't you're real color... and you look like a real fucking loser when you wear them.

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